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It’s a terrible idea. Essentially it ends any chance of peace.


I like that solution but lets be honest its not going to happen.
Way too many entities have their eyes on West bank & Jerusalem.
You could make Jerusalem a protected heritage site but West Bank is far gone from ever being resolved.

Jordan, Palestinians, Muslims will always consider West Bank as their birth right & Jewish will say they have bigger claims to it because afterall Islam, Christianity all came from Judaism.

West Bank can’t be given to Palestinians because Israel has invested heavily over the years in infrastructure, roads, houses, colleges, community etc.
The settlers are not living in tents. They will not go.

Will Palestine pay up billions they don’t have to settle the infrastructure cost?

Will Settlers who have been living in their holy grounds accept moving out in expensive Israeli towns after decades? I don’t think so.

Israel whether anyone likes it or not, own West Bank after their neighbours attacked Israel, might I emphasis. If their neighbours wanted peace, they should have kept their armies within their country.

Several times, Israel have offered Palestine statehood. 1947, 2000, 2008 and all three times it was rejected.

That whole area hates Jews; They just won’t come to terms with it.
There is no hope of Peace.

Only way it is going to resolve is for Palestine to accept the Jewish state & live their lives being a citizen of Israel.
Which won’t happen if there is a visible signs everywhere of them being different. Jerusalem represents the biggest indicator.


A clear sign of madness, imo. He has truly lost it.


Either you are ignorant to the situation and chiming the main stream narrative or you have not done your research at all. Just the notion of saying they offered statehood while actively blocking them to be recognized as a nation by the UN. You can’t say “let’s shake hands” while punching me in the face. I’m not going to continue because I know this a touchy issue


Correct me if I am wrong. A statehood is different from being a nation, isn’t it?
Is Catalan, Vatican City, City of London represented in UN?


Statehood is being recognised as an independent nation.


You are right my bad, but there can be no two state where year after year they take more land which make impossible for a two state. If you build towns and inferstructure that separate Palestinians from each other there is no point of saying let’s have a two state solution while I’m taking more land.


But this is what Olmert’s plan looked like

The proposal was to transferred almost 97% to Palestine, including Gaza with a safe passgae route. Plus some extra land which is primarily owned by Israel represented in red zone.
In return, Jerusalem was to be given to Israel.
Got rejected, because it is expected of Israel to bend over.


You sound like Bibi, which isn’t a good thing.


Always an issue with this forum. Incapable of arguing a proper post with a proper post.
I gave my reasoning in detail. If you disagree & wish to post against it, I expect something better than that.


Leaving aside the Israel Palestine issue which I cba debating with anyone at this point, it’s a bad decision because it literally has further alienated the US with the rest of the world, letting Russia and China pick up the scraps and sympathy from US’s usual allies.

I saw the voting record, state of it.

The US and then puppet government’s they installed in tinpot central American countries and Carribbean countires were the only ones to vote for it, against the rest of the world.


Because it is a diplomatic vote.
No nation will come forth & take beef with all the Muslim countries in one shot.


When you hear what Trump says, and the way he says it, you realise that although he isn’t very intelligent and is reactionary rather than considered, which is what a leader should be, you realise that he has done a brilliant job appealing to the lowest common denominator.

It is the uneducated and ignorant that got him elected, even though they are exactly the people that will lose out in his government.

If you consider that not many Republicans were likely to vote for Clinton, and the fact she wasn’t a very good choice, then it’s the floating voters that are going to get you elected, and that’s what Trump went for, knowing their ignorance and gullibility would get him the votes he wanted.

It’s decisions like this that are an indication of where the money came from to fund Trump’s election campaign and get him elected.
Also with a bit of nepotism thrown in.


I don’t know if a lot of Israeli money was suspected in Trump’s campaign. He certainly wasn’t getting a lot of support from the vast majority of Jewish Americans.


Maybe not, but he has certainly looked after, or given the top jobs to, a clot of people that backed him so as he doesn’t seem to know anything about foreign policy, I’m assuming some of his associates have told him it was a good idea.
He has got close connections and some of his top advisors, including his daughter’s husband, are Jewish.

Trump might also be thinking that if he isn’t very popular amongst the Jewish American voters, this statement of support for Israel might sway them to vote for him.


Trump is an ideological and geopolitical supporter of Israel, which is standard for republican politicians.

Doubt his actions regarding Jerusalem has anything to do with his personal ties, campaign support or winning over Jewish American voters.


It got rejected because it’s a shit proposal. The entire city of Jerusalem does not belong to Israel and there is no way the Palestinians would settle for any offer that did not give them any share of Jerusalem which they so rightly deserve.

What Trump has done is basically ruin any opportunity of peace. He has also eliminated any opportunity for USA to be an impartial broker in future peace discussions. There is no way the Palestinians will go to any negotiation table now that America want to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They are not any authority of deciding who Jerusalem belongs to give a sizeable percentage (25-30% I believe) of people who live in the borders of Jerusalem are Muslim Arabs.

Look at the Jewish occupation of areas of the West Bank. They have no intentions of ever actually allowing a Palestinian state to exist. That’s why they will throw out a bullshit offer that they know the Palestinians will never except.

Trump is not an authority on when the peace negotiations will take place and what belongs to whom. That was one of the worst foreign policy decisions he could have made.


Trump isn’t a Republican. Not sure why people still think this.




Because the City holds plenty of religious significance for Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities and there are plenty of Muslim Arabs who have lived in the city long before the Israeli forces conquered it in the late 60s. And I don’t think there is any prospect of a Palestinian state existing without East Jerusalem being a part of it.