Trump Watch


It’s gonna help me I’m all for it!! Lol :joy:


If it makes you laugh, check this parody account. It’s really good.


He actually said mine is bigger. :rofl:


Wow! Great conversation! Is he a 2-year old?


“Ahem Mr President, the button on your desk is a nurse-call button.”:grin:



Some of his foreign affair decisions has been quite good since Christmas.


Holy shit, he really outdoes himself with every tweet he posts.


Michael Wolff couldn’t have asked for better PR. The target of the book is advertising it for him :slight_smile:

What a buffoon.


Latest Trump tweet about the book:

I’ve read a lot of books, more than anyone, and this book is a DISGRACE. Wolff is a loser, a total loser and everyone knows it. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. This book is not for smart people. It’s for very dumb people—ok very dumb people like, not the kind of book I would read because I’m one of the SMARTEST PEOPLE. Ask anyone, anywhere in the world—it’s true! If you like to read words, and I like to read words—I read a lot of words, every day…” :smile:


Who does know it? I highly doubt Trump can read a book.


The audiobook is already up on the Youtubes. Started listening this morning, and it’s very interesting.


Any decisions in particular you’re referring to??



“being, like, really smart”. Could he sound any more American?


Making Jerusalem the capital of Israel.


If that’s his good decision, then I would hate to see his bad ones.


That’s not a good decision. How does it help anybody?

It strengthens the political position of an absolute loon like Bibi Netanyahu. It gives the American Evangelical base a nice “Apocalypse is near” buzz.

But it doesn’t make the US a more honest broker in the situation. It doesn’t put pressure on the Israeli government to stop their terrible policies towards the Palestinians. It doesn’t put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to do what it can to make life better for its citizens.

The whole thing should have been left alone.


How has that turned out so far?


Oh right lol.

I mean that’s a terrible example of a good decision, but I thought you may have been referring to the taking away Pakistan aid thing (not really aid, but payment for US bases in Pakistani territory).


The status quo wasn’t good but I don’t think having the United States shrug and decide to recognize Jerusalem as the capital when there are no public negotiations underway is a good idea.

I’ve always believed that Jerusalem was either destined to be a UN heritage site that belonged to everybody (and nobody) or would be a shared capital with a web of agreements hammered out by the Israeli and Palestinian government. By intervening the way he did, Trump effectively gave Netanyahu’s government the freedom to ignore any Palestinian desire to have a capital in Jerusalem.

I just don’t think it was a good idea.