Trump Watch



I think a lot of US seats are redrawn soon so the Democrats need to be in a position to make changes then.


I was going through US political history and was surprised to know that Democrats were pro slavers & popular in South; and Republicans held liberal values.

Time really alters everything.


Not many people know this which is funny


Repubes definitely aren’t the party of Lincoln anymore. He’ll, they aren’t even the party of Reagan anymore. Very, very far right now. Almost totally in response to the D party rather than their constituents leanings.


Democrats couldn’t control the minorities through segregation after the civil rights movement gained traction in the 1950’s, so they found other ways to control them and keep disadvantaged.


Don’t think it matters any ore as both parties are now very different to how they were.


Yeah Vox did an excellent piece on this.


Lincoln represented what was called he Republican Party at the time

Trump represents the Republican Party today

Nazi was short for national socialist

The democratic republic or North Korea

Republicans in Ireland…

Point being it doesn’t matter what you call yourself it’s your actions that define what you are


Trump’s been RTing anti-Muslim tweets by far right account ‘Britain First’. :eyes:


It’s interesting he is Tweeting on matters like this that are abroad, when he has madmen shooting people in shopping malls and schools on a regular basis in his own country.


When even one of your best mates is criticising you, you know you have gone too far. I don’t like Piers Morgan, but…


Those are his voters :ozil2:


I can’t really remember ever saying something like this before, but I’d be genuinely happy if I woke up tomorrow and this cunt was dead.


The sooner that piece of shit is gone, the better.


Hear me out, but I wouldn’t.

This guys is impotent. Guys like Pence, or whoever would replace him would be far worse. Because they may not be as big shitstains of human beings as the Trump family, they are more competent.

Luckily Trump is so loathed and incompetent he manage to get his healthcare plan binned, and his muslim ban binned many times.

But say Pence gets into power, he has the nous to kill abortion in America, or any manner of heinous things, and get them passed through the House and Senate.

It’s why I think anyone who thinks Bush was a better president than Trump is not worth listening to (many on the American ‘left’ (:arteta:) are actually wishing for Bush to be back and reforming his image.)

Trump has done nothing yet on Iraq war levels, and his response to Puerto Rico wasn’t anything worse than what Bush did to Louisiana after Katrina.


I have to thank Trump to get me interested in politics. I learn a lot about world politics because his antics makes it entertaining for me to be exposed to new shit.

I don’t know why I thought Politics was boring. It is amazing.

Brexit to Trump to South Sudan to Venezuela to Lebanon to Saudi to Zimbabwe to Myanmmar to Korea

It is amazing set of circumstances which really challenges your understanding of the world. With American politics, I have learnt that no matter how advanced or educated the masses are, there is always a way to market to them.

Trump has done nothing - neither right or wrong(well).
However the encouragement white supremacist get from his tenure might pull America back again.


What an absolute clown. Not even my racist uncle posts Britain First anymore lol.

Theresa May has got to condemn this in strong language, which she probably wont, the weak bitch. Wasn’t the killer of Joe Cox linked to this group?


He sure as hell is making friends right now


When you look at world leaders in history you see psychopaths and control freaks who ruled by fear.
You still get that in countries like North Korea.
But to vote for one, in supposedly the most powerful, democratic country in history, just shows the stupidity and gullibility of the voting public.