Trump Watch


Embarassing. A made up story and he is calling for a mass murder. GET THE FUCKER OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!


Is there though?

The news feeds us a steady diet of poll numbers from Trump voters who are apparently digging their heels in. Sometimes there’s a deviation when Trump voters are asked about his Tweets but I haven’t read a lot regarding people having buyer’s remorse.


Bannon out.


People are celebrating like this matters. Bannon is a symptom, not “the problem”.


I know. It’s funny how Trump got rid of many people in his administration though.


Bannon’s gone straight back to his role at Shitebart News. Where he says he is going “to go to war FOR the Trump campaign against those on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America”.

No hard feelings? :thinking:


According to most report, Bannon is not happy. Apparently he feel that the “globalist” in Trump’s staff pushed him out.


But he wasn’t elected with purely the white nationalist vote. It’s all the voters who just wanted to give the system a bloody nose.


Pardon me for celebrating the firing of a guy who would happily lead me and my family into a gas chamber. Sure the fight isn’t over but really, fuck Steve Bannon.


So is it fair to say that you dated a racist for three years?


Racist maybe a tad bit harsh. However her tolerance of certain races was pretty low, especially other asians. She also really bought into racial stereotypes. Whether or not in her heart she actually hated ppl because of their race I’d say no, but not convincingly. I don’t know @JakeyBoy what do you think about it?





which one :giroud:


Oh Donnie…:facepalm:


Fucktard of the highest order :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You need to research gerrymandering.




To understand why it won’t matter politically if there is a Latino majority in the US.