Trump Watch


In spite of all their nauseating exceptionalism, all their brutal imperialism and interventionism, I still had something of a soft spot for America, partly I suppose because of their ‘soft power’. That country generates a hell of a lot of great music, movies, and TV shows. But after voting this toxic sludgy turd as their President, I’ve genuinely started to hate them.


I guess you have to make jokes at this stage to mask how presumably embarrassed you must be to have this man as your President.

Did you vote for him? I can remember you complaining about all the liberals in California where you live but I can’t remember if that translated to a vote for this mad cunt.


Excuse me that’s a very personal question to ask.


“Dave! Enough with the personal questions… I’m trying to tell you about fucking my wife in the ass”


Lol you know your Chapelle standup don’t you.


Reidy you ledge


Why the fuck is the President of the United States of America calling out the Mayor of London on twitter?


And he’s not even slightly in the right. Just showing that he’s not just a cunt but also fucking stupid.


Because the mayor is a Muslim, and Trump doesn’t like those.

Notice how Andy Burnham didn’t get the same treatment after the Manchester attacks.


Because he is a racist cunt.


In fairness to Trump, he probably neither knows Burnham or Manchester.



His presidency is a fucking joke, pure chaos.


The Mooch comes in, the Mooch comes out you can’t explain that.


I can’t wait until it’s my turn to be WH comms director. :giroud3:








I swear if NK and the USA start a Nuclear War the summer we finally sign a proven striker i’m gonna lose it.