Trump Watch


But it’s not even remotely correct lol so derp. Even if he tried we have lots of guns, shit aint gonna be a cake walk.




Is that lil bow wow? :facepalm:


Yeah, I just realized that, too. Just when you’re ready to enjoy a good bit of morning misogyny, you realize it’s coming from Lil’ fucking Bow Wow. Why can’t we have nice things anymore? :cry:

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This is actually in his twitter. The tweet is already down as well. Gangsta.:arteta:


WASHINGTON—Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity from prosecution, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.


Shit just got real :giroud:


Been watching too much 24 this guy.




Oh god, I’m dying…:joy::joy:


Classic Simpsons :joy::joy:


Season 28, Jesus… they really should stop at some point soon. It’s one of my favourite shows ever but it’s weird to think that the majority of it is basically shit.


Lol season 2 - halfway through 10 yeah it’s one of the best shows ever. And then the last 18 seasons have been garbage.




US out of the Paris Climate Accord. Although he wants to remain on renegotiated terms, which I really don’t understand.

Let’s see the American economy boom b3cause of this move then…


A temporary blip to progress hopefully, this moron will be done inside 4 years and we can get back to someone with a bit of global and long term perspective


I despise Juncker, but this is some nice shade. He actually said “in clear German main clauses”, implying that more complex forms of syntax would be too hard to grasp for the opposite party. :slight_smile:


Exactly this.


Fuck them we are murica we do what we want.