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Soldiers of a country as much citizens of that country as anyone else. I think the word you’re looking for is ‘civilians’ which would signify non-combatants.




Yea so ‘convenient’ it’s not like Trump did anything crazy like threatening to ban all Muslims or anything. Obama didn’t include every single person who has a passport from these countries as a threat. He didn’t label a British Conservative MP who has children studying in America as a security threat. Or a grandma of a newborn who was coming over to look after her grandchild so the mother could go out to work as a security thread.

We could go on with the ridiculous nature of this but it’s obvious that the indiscriminate nature of this is clearly wrong. We can only hope it’s 90 days of posturing before ‘Trump fixes advanced vetting’. ie basically asking ‘are you a terrorist’. And even then it’s obvious the US under Trump won’t do it’s fair share with regards to the refugee crisis it’s created.

As for US military activities, well that’s a seperate issue. But if Trump is going to back up his ‘America don’t spend enough on the military’ line, you will surely be involved in more wars and invasions.


Oh yes McCain the man who gave us ISIS and Mitt Romney another moron who has allready lost one election !
The very reason Trump got ther republican nomination was because they had NO credible honest candidates !
The Reason the Democrats lost is the very same reason !
Trump was elected because of the faults in the corrupt system .
Its going to be a bumpy ride !


Very well worth reading, especially the parts on consolidation of power (basically the destruction of what used to be checks and balances).


I am starting to think he doesn’t even know what he is signing.


I think it is very much the opposite. They know exactly what they are doing.
If there are any doubts left how dangerous these people are, just look at the wording of the statement they gave upon firing the Attorney General:

“The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. This order was approved as to form and legality by the Department of Justice Office Legal Counsel.

Ms. Yates is an Obama administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration.”

If you disagree, you are a “betrayer” and “weak”. This language is way past any pretences of democracy.


Yes well worth reading, @g4e will love this conspiracy theory!


There are so many worrying parallels between the language used by Trump and his people and the language used by far right governments of the years gone by.


I think it is a rather thorough analysis filled with credible sources. Some of it is still in the educated guess stage of reporting (the connections to Russian oil, for example), but marked as such in the text. Maybe you, as a Trump voter, can enlighten us as to which of the points brought up amounts to nothing more than “conspiracy theory”.


Oh the irony, the master of debunking conspiracy theories has in fact become a conspiracy theorist himself. :joy:can’t make this stuff up.


Why don’t you just respond to the post in question for once instead of always trying to deflect it onto someone else?


Trump is a Putin light. And somehow that is supposed to be better than Hillary Clinton. Or so I’m told.


They have been identified as threats by numerous Presidents and obviously they ARE potential threats given ISIS’s purported goals, but there is a major qualitative difference in what DT did and what Obama and others have done, in particular in execution. And part of the problem is that they continue to be caught in blatant lies, which makes the outrage worse. It is actually already INCREDIBLY hard and laborious to get VISAs from those countries already and takes people months on average - the notion that waiting a few days to consult with proper NSC people and get Sessions appointed was somehow avoiding “a mad rush into the US” is also just stupid - why do they persist with these dumb lies?

Media is definitely catering to the Trump theater - that is certainly part of it, but this whole chapter was ridiculous and is as much a calamity in execution as it is just a poor political attempt to “solve” a threat - in the end probably just jabbing the hornets nest and nothing more… oh and inconveniencing over 100 people now and estimated thousands and thousands more (students).


I see you put as much effort into this response as your intellect allows. Well done! :slight_smile:


Worse ,better,worst ,best they are all a pile of shit but we continue to vote for them ,untill we stop voting for corrupt politicians the loop is endless !
Whats scary right now is that he’s signing papers left right and center and theres nobody left in the state department to challenge him !
Its apoliticall blitzkrieg !


Oh how the mighty have fallen :laughing: No reason really to respond to whacko conspiracy theorists with an axe to grind tbh.


It would appear to be a conpiracy theory though. So surely you appreciate his amusement and unwilling to serve up anything more than a few lols.

Thanks for the link though, lookong forward to reading it.


What i meant is that he doesn’t know the consequences of what he is signing.


Thanks for the article. If correct, then I have totally underestimated not only Trump, but how easy it might be to completely subvert American democracy. If he creates a shadow government, and his own security apparatus, then it’s only a few steps short of actual dictatorship.