Troll of the Year 2016


This poll will close on Thursday 15th December 19:00

  • AbouCuellar
  • Aussiegooner
  • G4e
  • Luca_from_Italy
  • Morrisc311
  • Trion

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Who is your OA troll of the year. from the choice of 6?

@AbouCuellar @Aussiegooner @g4e @Luca_from_Italy @morrisc311 @Trion

OA Awards 2016

It just has to be @Trion or @AbouCuellar that wins this, no one else comes close :sweat_smile:


@AbouCuellar to win more silverwares than us this season :henry2:


Now this is an award I’ll vote for myself on mr hijoputa @TheSpecialCnut . Always coveted this one. To follow in the steps of my idol LondresTopo has always been a dream of mine.


Gone for Topo, err, @AbouCuellar. :wink:


I even voted for myself.


Solid nominations everyone, this vote is exactly what it should be - a shower of shit :grinning::grinning::grinning:


We should have named @Cristo here for his constant trolling in the MDC. Doom monger.


I don’t really understand how AC is running away with this, I don’t think he’s a troll at all, I feel like the sentiments expressed in his posts are genuine.


none of these guys are trolls lol.


I’m not sure we have any proper trolls this year tbh. I suppose it’s more in jest than anything?


If I’m completely honest, I think the days of actual trolls are gone now (Not a terrible thing). Unless we get guys like Propa Nutcase reappearing, this award will be scrapped after this year without a doubt. No need for it any longer. AC was right when he said he could never match the likes of LondresTopo :slight_smile:


No A4treble or Ooompa???


[quote=“ljungbergkamp, post:14, topic:1007, full:true”]
No A4treble or Ooompa???
[/quote]Never got any nominations for Oompa. While A4TT didn’t get enough to make the shortlist.


Just because someone disagrees with you or doesn’t share your point of view, it doesn’t make them a troll.


I’m always amazed i never make this list considering how much I tend to get into “disagreements” with people. :slight_smile:

I think Troll is definitely the wrong word for this award now but a version of it is definitely viable into the future. :slight_smile:


Hipster of the Year.


Oh sure, discuss the validity of this award when I am not winning.

Cunts all of you.

Wait I am level with AC now. Carry on.


[quote=“Trion, post:19, topic:1007, full:true”]

Wait I am level with AC now. Carry on.
[/quote]Doesn’t seem that way anymore :ramsey:


Cunts all of you