Transfer Wishlist

Perhaps Jack can put a good word in.

Hopefully. I’d also be on the phone to Atlético about Saul Niguez…no game time at Chelsea…such a waste of a talent!

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They’ll probably want him back the way things are going. :rofl:

Criminal how Chelsea have used him this season, just 13 appearances. Should have made a loan move for him ourselves. I’d be in for him in the summer for a cut price deal.

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He was my ideal Xhaka replacement, especially with how well he and Partey worked together at Atleti.

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Same. Really think he would fit our system and obviously would play well alongside Partey.

Xhaka HAS to be sold this summer…Don’t care for how much!


Oh wow didn’t know this. How come?

Pedro Gonçalves

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They just view him as being ineffective. I think everyone knows deep down he should be playing where Busquets plays but because they both end up playing together he’s just too slow with progressing the ball and ineffective.

When I read over post game remarks they are always highly critical of him and his lack of impact on games. He’s very handsomely paid and came for a big fee but just doesn’t really do much

Karim Adeyemi. On Bayerns Radar, but he’ll be the next Johnathan David in a couple seasons. And we’ll be a couple years too late like we usually are.

Not really wishlist, but sometimes when we miss out on someone (Vlahovic), there is a domino effect… anyone know anything about their 20 yr old striker Kaio Jorge?

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I doubt Blackburn will sell given their position in the race for promotion but this guy has been linked to a few PL clubs this window and I’d definitely take him right now, with the long term plan to make him a backup to a first class striker bought in the summer. 20 in 27 in the Championship and he has been impressing for Chile too in qualification this year.

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Right Edu I’m doing your job for you here, this is proper scouting. You found Martinelli from nowhere in Brazil check this guy out, I have it in the highest authority ie people that have seen him play, this is one to snap up, his touch positioning and assuredness in front of goal would immediately make him the best striker at the club.

Nope. Get him behind bars.


I know we’ve been burned from Albanias before but Broja might be it. :rofl:
No chance Chelsea sell to us though right?

Not before he’s in his 30s

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Xhaka better tap him up when we play them again.

Could be the perfect signing next summer, reasonable price with an ideal player profile with plenty of scope to improve


AC Milan signed Yacine Adli which I found very interesting. Gouiri is the next one out the door from that profile of player in France. Seems very exciting.

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He’s likened to Benzema which I’m sure you’re fond of.