Transfer Wishlist

Abraham 3rd though? And says he’s disappointed we missed out on him.

I’m glad we did.

It’s all based on projection and potential really.
His argument is that Abraham’s all around game has improved massively and that the thing he is lacking now is scoring more goals. Previous data back that Abraham is a good goalscorer so there is a case to be made about that coming back.

There is certainly potential in Tammy. Thought he had a good game v Milan today even though he fucked up early on. Scored the goal for Roma and could have equalised too.

He is certainly someone that has a great base to build upon.

I wasn’t particularly keen on him in the past. I’ve described him as bambi before but seeing how keen Arsenal were to get him made me look into him a bit more and I do get the hype now.
@SRCJJ made a good point at the time about Atalanta being interested being a stamp of approval.
Could have been another Ramsdale for us.

Previous data from the Championship? Because he was distinctly average in he PL, no better than Giroud.

And in Italy he isn’t pulling up trees either, in fact his goal scoring is even more inconsistent.

His record in the PL under Lampard was pretty good. Didn’t he score 15 goals that season?

Yeah and that’s average, he was also 2nd in the league for big chances missed with 22.

His finishing seems no better now than it was then.

I can’t help but remember Abraham’s performance against us that got Lampard sacked, rancid.

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Auba was notorious for being high in that list too but nobody would deny he was clinical.
Key is he gets into those positions.

Btw, not sure 15 goals when he was 21-22 is average. He started 20-25 games didn’t he? Pretty good return.

(Can’t believe I’m defending Tammy :rofl:)

Key should be putting the ball in the net consistently.

The reason why he didn’t start more games is because his form tailed off miserably, your argument about age would hold weight if he had now improved from then with regard to goal scoring but he hasn’t has he?

Bringing up Auba is strange as well because in spite of being loads of chances he still scored at a high clip, something Abraham has been unable to do anywhere but the Championship

Giroud got the nod because he brought more into the table didn’t he? Which was true at the time. Abraham has improved in that department now.

Btw, just to clarify Abraham wouldn’t necessarily be my pick or was my pick in the summer. Just digging into why Arteta was so keen to get him last summer.
The final product is certainly not there yet but there is potential in him which is perhaps what drew teams.

Far enough, it’s just what I’m seeing now hasn’t convinced me that he’s going to be a striker that can play for a top team here.

This season for Roma he had six league goals across a four month span of football in which he was playing full 90’s on almost every occasion.

That’s a paltry return man

Was it you that I told “wait till you hear how many times he hit the post/bar” in the Serie A thread?

I think he’s on top this season in the top 5 leagues. For what is worth, most giallorossi aren’t happy with his return either, especially after what they paid.

I would deny it. He isn’t a very clinical striker because he has always missed a decent number of big chances and often needs quite a few chances in order to score. I swear this is what being clinical as a striker means, being efficient in front of goal and not requiring many chances to score?

Barcelona need to offload players: Erling Braut Haaland: Barcelona could sign Borussia Dortmund striker in summer, says Guillem Balague - BBC Sport .
Fkin fly down to the ramblas and give them a bag of money for Frenkie de Jong. Now it’s our time to do business with Barcelona picking and choosing of their best players and not the other way around.


I wouldn’t take Frenkie here. I’ve never watched him at Barcelona and been impressed and the fans can’t stand him.

Not only that but his wages are out of this world. He’s on Auba money.

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When you say fans can’t stand him do you mean a few people on a Barca forum? :joy:

Better question would be is if there is any player the catalans actually like?

That fanbase has turned on everyone over the years.

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he is a arsenal-style player 100% and is pure class, he is good at arriving late in the box too .

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Frenkie DeJong is a f**King talent. If there was even a fraction of a chance that we could get him here, we should break our backs and the bank.

Partey, DeJong, Lokonga, Odegaard, Azeez, Patino as CM options would be bloody lovely. Moving out Xhaka, Torreria and El Nenny gives some towards the transfer and covers wages.

Sadly though, you’d think the likes of PSG and Juve would be ahead of us. He’d actually be the perfect signing for Real Madrid - doubt Barca would do business though.

Imagine we landed DeJong and Vlahovic, our team would be set for 5 years.

Time to snap out of dreamland.


Pedri basically and that’s it.

Give them 18 months and they’ll hate him too.


I don’t watch Nottingham Forest weekly, was that the standard at which the Spence lad is performing there?

If so, get him in.

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