Transfer Wishlist

Backup GK
Some relatively cheap developmental striker

That’s my wishlist. I think the top two are basically the best players we could realistically sign, who also should be ready to contribute from day 1.

I figure this is about 200m in fees. But we probably save on wages if we’re losing the wages of Partey, ESR, Eddie, Nelson, Cedric, and Ramsdale.

Wild suggestion, just seeing how people react- Almiron. ? A cheeky 18mil bid? Worst case you’ll get someone who’ll work their socks off. Could be happy to be behind saka. Could be a trossard type signing…

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Oh hell no. We’ve already got the Brazilian version of him on our books.


The fuck are you saying? Do you mean Martinelli? How dare you?!


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A bunch of other random players that are realistically attainable that I wouldn’t mind arriving;

Zeno Debast
Mario Hermoso
Raphael Onyedika
Khephren Thuram
Cher Ndour
Desire Doue

And I’ve still got Jacob Ramsey in the back of my mind…If he could find form of 22/23…

Oh, he talking

HELL NO! Decent player, but doesn’t move the needle at all.

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Have you seen him in a full match? Special, special kid.

Nah, just comps. He has the ‘if I lose a du-el’ type energy. And then the on-ball quality is clean as you like

I first saw him with Portugal last year. He looked like a baby, I thought he must be 16 or something.
He played a couple minutes as a sub but he looked so tidy and composed. Completely unfazed by the occasion.
Caught my attention and watched more of him afterwards with Benfica in Europe.
I tuned in a random Portuguese Cup match between Sporting and Benfica a couple months and he shined there too.

He has that thing where he gets out of tight situations with such ease and grace. Surprisingly great athlete too. Might be small but he’s surprisingly strong and has a good leap on him. Doesn’t shy away from duels.

Unfortunately, despite being one of the players we’ve looked at, I think he’d be far too expensive for us. Benfica would justifiably tell us to pay his RC.

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He has energy, but literally zero end product.

He’s Newcastle’s Gervinho.

My ever changing wishlist:

Nketiah, Nelson, Vieira, Partey, Cedric, Elneny, Ramsdale, Taveres, Tierney.

Guillaume Restes, Jorrel Hato, João Neves, Xavi Simons, Benjamin Šeško


I like the ins.

Keeping Smith-Rowe? I’m not sure it’s best for him or us, other than the registration rules aspect.

Longer term I would prefer a better backup option at RB than Tomiyasu, although I suppose Timber can cover there as well.

If we were able to get decent money for Jesus I’d be okay with him leaving as well.

I agree with all the outgoings except for Partey. See no real benefit in shifting him when he could definitely play a part next season. I’d rather we signed another midfielder and had Partey, Rice, Jorginho, new CM and Odegaard vying for the five spots.

I like this. I don’t know the goalkeeper though.

I want a game changer though. A signing that makes Europe take notice either through cost or status.

Guimares, Paqueta, De Jong, Leao, Osimhen, Musiala.

I like Simons a lot. I’d be happy with Eze as an alternative.

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If Partey is happy to be a squad player next season, I agree. I think we would have had a stronger early and mid season if Xhaka had stayed for one more year. Nice to have continuity in the middle of the park while our newbies settle in. We got a bit lucky with Rice seemlessly fitting in straight away.