Transfer Wishlist

He was very good today? What game were you watching?

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Transfer wish…not a player but a scout. I want whoever is scouting Trossard and Mitoma etc they have a good talent spotter brighton.

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Yep. They defended very well today. Minimized Saka’s effect as much as he could but Saka as I said was on another level. Nobody can stop him when he plays like this.
Again, had it been another left-back playing for them we’re easily winning by a larger margin.


Luke Shaw has played well for United in recent weeks, but this wasn’t the game where I’m wishing he was an Arsenal player.

I liked the Saka-Shaw matchup. Shaw stood off of him a few of times and Saka’s confidence grew. If they failed to double him, I knew we’d be cooking.


That’s their opinion. I have mine. I was watching this with two other people. They all thought he was great. One was a Man Utd fan so you can say he was biased but the other one was who was neutral in this also thought he played well.

Pains me to say it but I think he’s a very good player.

Luke Naw.

Never been anything more than a decent PL player and often below that. No chance he lasts a decade at united under Fergie.


You’re entitled to your opinion but there is no way that anyone would watch todays game and come away with it for praise for Shaw.

That’s an awful take.

I’ve honestly never seen Saka play better than today and that’s largely because he had Luke Shaw on fucking toast all game.

Was actually pissing myself at that clown Neville saying Shaw was doing well he just needed to be a little closer.

He got fucking rinsed TAA style. Narrative agenda driven bullshit by Gary “they have to play City twice” Neville.

Didn’t expect to read it on here, but I’m not surprised


I formed a very bad opinion of him when Mourinho took over and never rated him since. He performed well in the Euros which I didn’t particularly enjoy but thought he’ll revert to being poor when he returned to Man Utd, which he did.
However, he’s looked like a different person this season. Even last week as a CB against City he was tremendous.

He’s a good player, his contract is expiring next year. I would welcome him here as Zinchenko’s cover.

I think we’ve watched different matches today based on your comments above. I wouldn’t have Shaw at Arsenal even if he was on a free. Saka had him in his pocket at times today and definitely wouldn’t consider Shaw an upgrade on Tierney at left back. He continues to has an important future at Arsenal.


Appreciate the pushback lads. I might be pissed, so better I log off now before I drop another agenda for no reason. Alcohol and bad company ffs. :rofl:

Far more important, IMO, is to extend the contracts of Saliba, Saka and Martinelli than to bring new players.


I really wouldn’t mind Jesper Lindstrom as rotation sometime in the future

That’s a decent goal


Ok, I wasn’t. I heard a couple of people agree with that today. Darren Bent just said the same on Drive too.

However, fuck Luke Shaw. Agenda still stands and he ain’t fucking welcome here. Fat twat.

Antonio and rice

Rice/Bellingham and an impact sub, a striker.
Bring back Giroud as our sub maybe a good idea.
In the end, Jesus is not a pure #9, Giroud can bring another dimension (aerial attack) to the team.
If not Giroud, probably Fullkrug.

He always was a bum, going to Barca just made him a cunt as well.

Giroud is not a bad shout. What kind of contract though?