Transfer Wishlist

Picked Sane but mostly based on his form when at City. Don’t think he’s attainable though

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From the list…Chiesa

Mitoma is the one for me personally

Didn’t even see Chiesa. Unobtainable but amazing talent even after injury he’s come back looking like a man possessed

Stopgap Trossard now, Kukusevski madness in the summer.

Frimpong pull uno.


spuds will legit lose their mind if we come in for him

I do wonder if that’s why they’re going for Zaniolo.
Would be such a downgrade.

Perhaps they’ve tried making the deal permanent and they couldn’t, either because of the Juve investigation or perhaps the player isn’t responding.
Pretty positive the move to Spurs has to be agreed by Kulusevski too. They’ll have to talk personal terms after all.

Kulu would be crazy to sign for them seeing how desperate the market is for forwards. He can easily find a better a club, even if it’s not us. Just them losing Kane and Kulu in the same summer would be hilarious.

I thought Spurs had made that deal permanent already? If not when does the loan deal run out? This summer?

Yes. They have an option to buy him in the summer.

Ok so only option, not obligation? Assume player would still need to agree contract etc? Would be hilarious if he turned them down after being there for over a year. If they don’t make top 4 could see that happening.

I believe it’s specifically an obligation if they get CL, and an option if they don’t.

I do wonder though. What happens in case of an obligation to buy but the player not agreeing to the move?
Do Spurs pay Juve either way and not get the player? Does he become a free agent?
I never thought about that.

Do you even sign a contract on a loan deal? I think you are still contracted to your parent club.

That’s what I was wondering tbh. Seems unfair not for the player to have a veto, unless he agreed terms for a permanent contract in those circumstances, so it was all agreed upfront.

I’ve done a bit of digging. So it depends on whether you discussed terms ahead of time or not and made an agreement.

Considering they signed him pretty late last January, I doubt they did.
I suppose Kulu has an out if he doesn’t want to sign for Spurs on a permanent. Doubt Spurs get CL the way they are going though.

Ok so potentially if everything goes to plan…

  • Arsenal win the Premier League
  • Spurs finish outside of the Top 4
  • Conte is sacked
  • Kane is sold in the summer
  • Kulusevski rejects a permanent deal from Spurs and signs instead for Arsenal (just debating with myself whether he would be a good option as a 4th winger or if we need to aim higher)

I doubt there could be an obligation in place without the player having already agreed to that.

Gonna have to drop the agenda unfortunately, Luke Shaw, you’re welcome to Arsenal if you ever want to leave those pricks.

To play ahead of who?

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Warm the bench for Zinchenko.

How could you watch todays game and decide to randomly bump a thread to advocate for him signing for us one day? He was absolutely awful. He shat himself every time Saka got the ball that was a dreadful display.


I disagree. He was very good today but Saka was on another superhuman level himself.

Had it been any other left-back in today we would’ve cruised our way to victory.

I genuinely don’t like the guy, can admit of having an agenda against him, but he’s been absolutely phenomenal every time I’ve watched him the past months.