Transfer window to shut before season starts / Jan window under threat


This isn’t going to happen even less so from one of the bigger leagues on their own. The disadvantage is too big and the time to assess a player/squad can be too short, especially in tournament years.



Ridiculous. What kind of deadline day ends at 5pm. There’s nothing like running home and watching SSN to the early hours to see if you got Arshavin or not.


I’m not actually sure if this is a good idea or not. It will leave us vulnerable as foreign clubs can still come in for our players, or at the very least unsettle them, for the following three weeks.


A great step. Hopefully rest of the Europe follows.


Good decision.


I agree.
It’s one of the most exciting times of the season.
Although when you say, “we rushed home to see if you got Arshavin or not,” it was rarely “Arshavin,” it was nearly always “not.”

I think they will have to follow as well because if they don’t PL clubs will lose out.


They’re not going to agree to that, unless their league begins on the same weekend as us.


So no “red-hot” phone anymore? :wenger:


Shocked at this one. What’s the bet it will be reversed next season? :slight_smile:


SSN are gonna lose 6 hours of “something might happen stay tuned and watch these ads for us, cheers.”


This all is exactly how a signing should be made .
Turn your wireless off , sound up and enjoy how to sign a record transfer fee player !


The other European Leagues are now likely to follow the PL in shutting the summer window before their season starts and there is also talk of the January window being axed completely.

There is also a wider mood that the rest of Europe’s top leagues will not only fall in behind the English in restricting the summer window, but they, along with the Premier League, will eventually also chop the madness of the January window.

If it is unacceptable for the competition to begin while player trading is continuing in the summer, then it is natural that the same measures must be in place while the league is in progress during January. In that regard there has been thought given among the 20 shareholders of the Premier League to the credibility of their competition and how it might be perceived in the eyes of the clear-thinking supporter.

The hope is that the new rules of the summer window, and the potential abolition of the January window, will encourage sensible, well-planned transfer strategies and not knee-jerk reactions

The article is behind a paywall so here is the three most important paragraphs


Please please please scrap the January window. Such a waste of time.


Sounds like a great idea


I hope there’s still a January loan window.

Sometimes a player is in a different scenario then, e.g. sending Ramsey off for a bit after he returned from injury, or if a young player clearly outgrows reserve football they should be able to go and not be stuck until August. Or if you have a crisis and need a Kallstrom to make up numbers.

Then again, the way Mbappe went down loans aren’t harmless anymore.