Transfer window slamming shut discussion

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Was just about to post this after seeing it on SSN. Hope it passes.

Hopefully we’ll never need another 8-2 panic buy situation. :laca:

Won’t happen.

If it does end up happening that will play into Wengers hands like a dream can hear it already ‘we were looking at players but these things take time something we didnt have enough of this transfer period’


So when we, as usual, start a season unprepared, we won’t even have a chance to rectify it? Sweet.


“We tried, but we didn’t have enough time”. Sneaky Wenger :henry2:

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Then when the season goes to shit he then can blame the transfer window being far more complex because of lack of time when teams around us sign 3 players in 1 week…know what the stupid wanker will do before it even happens (if it does)

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Your face is a stupid wanker

soooooooooooooooo’s urrrrrrrrr mums :campbell:


Worth looking around at most top clubs this very moment before thinking Wenger isn’t among the many managers who aren’t capable of getting it all done before the season starts.

But hugely in favour of this. These early games always feel a bit hollow before many of the big players have moved.

Yeah doubt this will actually happen

Let’s see it in a positive way. Wenger would have a certain period of time to buy the players. No excuse anymore.

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It will be tough for fans to only have football to watch rather than the real reason everyone follows it… TRANSFERS


I am all for this. All it does is spoil the first two weeks of the season. And even if you sign players on deadline day, you have to wait two weeks to see them play due to the international break which is such an anti climax.

When does the window start each year? Can they not just start the window a couple of weeks earlier to make up for time or does that run into the previous season?

I think teams in the same league can make transfers soon after the last competive game is done but officially the transfer window opens in early June, although a lot of player’s contracts end on the 30th June. Having said that, some clubs still do their business before that, they just don’t make it official until 1 July. Case in point -

Edit: Having just checked. It opens on different days in different countries. So it’d probably be a bit of a hassle to open it early.

Wenger’s period for buying a decent striker is about five seasons, so a few weeks isn’t going to make much difference.

He treats the transfer window as an occupational hazard anyway, so this would be great for him.

Would be in favour if it was instituted in other leagues too


It’s not going to happen because all the other leagues around the world will get an advantage if theirs stay open longer

Why don’t UEFA set the rules on the period when the transfer market is open? Would be much easier to have a consensus across leagues, let’s face the big transfers tend to occur from one league to another.

Or is this the brexit referendum all over again? :laughing:

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