Top 4 Race 2017/18


I wouldn’t pencil in this Auba deal just yet, if still plenty of time for Wenger to say “ I just didn’t think there was any value in the market “


True. But still, anything can happen, we’re not that far behind. It’s not anywhere close to being impossible – otherwise I’d be able to get better odds than 5/1!


6-1 in Australia so it seems our betting agencies have more of an idea :rofl:


Still not 3000/1 though – considering it’s supposed to be impossible and a pipe dream.

Can you be positive for once! :roll_eyes: We’re going to do it goddamit.


Some positivity will start from me when change is made that will really make a difference to us eg new owner/ board or a top quality manager.


Are Aubameyang and Micky T going to solve our regular defensive yips over the next couple of months? Not sure that will happen, still likely 6th place for me, altho the team shakeup at least introduces some uncertainty about that


Yeah given are both offensive players I’d consider it highly unlikely they’d solve any of our defensive problems.


This is about as basic as logic gets. The reality is if we still can’t boss games over the likes of Brighton and Newcastle away, nothing changes. All the top goalscorers are in teams that control games. For that reason Mkhitaryan is arguably a bigger factor to our team gelling than Aubameyang.


It’s not having possession that’s the problem, we are 2nd for possession in the league behind Manchester City.


We got a point there last time we visited.


Yes but aside from United there’s Newcastle, Swansea, Leicester, Brighton, Huddersfield and Spurs. 5 of those are very winnable


Winnable just like Stoke, Watford, West Ham, Southampton, WBA & Bournemouth?


Well mate, we are just saying it is still possible. No need to get angry if some people say it.


Who is angry lol


He sounded like he was annoyed someone still believes in the top 4 :slight_smile:


We’re only on course for getting around 24 points out of the 42 there. Mid-60’s should be well short of the mark this season.

I personally think a bare minimum of 33 out of 42 is required to have any decent chance. It’s a huge ask.


GFI telling someone else off about getting angry, sublime :smile:


Good one mate.


There is some room for a run-in after the Manchester City game. Most difficult games in the last stretch of the season are Leicester and Man Utd-away. Question will be how big the gap is after that game tho.


As I said pipe dream