Top 4 Race 2017/18


As Trion says, you have to pay the big bucks if you want the big players.


Exactly. for current ticket prices, we deserve no better than Theo & his 140k wages.
It’s a bonus we get to see players like Ozil & Sanchez at times.


So Europe’s elite clubs fans are getting a good deal then, PSG cheaper tickets Mbappe & Neymar, Barca cheaper tickets Messi & Suarez, City Cheaper tickets etc etc


When Arsenal starts making more revenue, we can ask them to reduce the ticket prices.

And ofcourse City & PSG prices will be cheaper :joy:


Look at these fixtures!

Plus Swansea which got cut out.

4th we are COMING HOMEEEE!


People need to forget the idea of top 4, impossible to finish top 4 when you only win 1 in every 4 away from home.


I see us finishing on 75 points. I’m optimistic though so maybe not, but 75 will get us 4th this year I think.


Given we only have 7 home games left I think that’s a huge stretch, even if we are perfect at home we’d have to win 4/7 away games.


We will, we usually have a nice unbeaten stretch when we are out of all the comps and pressure is off. Signing a couple quality players is gonna give us a boost too.


Well, it’s not impossible… we’re not favourites to do it, but it’s not impossible at all. Other teams will drop points, as we saw this weekend. Spurs have Man United this weekend so are likely to drop points again.


If we can get a good run going with our new signing(s) gelled in quickly, then maybe. It’s a big IF though.


Manure and Liverpool next for Spurs, right?


Yep. And then we play Spurs.

But that’s what I mean, we could overtake Spurs before we play them. I don’t get these people who are like “there is absolutely no chance of us getting top 4”. Yes there is. I’ve been consistent in that view - and was in the minority in voting yes in the above poll.


Yeah, have to admit, Liverpool dropping 3 pts to the bottom club opens the door for us. 5 pts is possible, if not likely.


Have a chance if PEA arrives. No chance without him though.


We have won 7 of our last 24 away games in the league, so unless something drastic changes with that in the final 7 away games this year it’s a pipe dream. Well effectively 6 away games as we know we won’t get any change out of Old Trafford.


A pipe dream is me wanting to be a Hollywood actress, not catching up 5 points in the league.

We don’t “know” anything. We’re strengthening our team, anything can happen.


Never give up hope, Jade, if Lucy Liu did it so can you! :wave:t3::love_you_gesture:t3::fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3: :muscle:t3::fist:t5:


We haven’t strengthened anything as of yet, in fact our squad is less talented than it was when the window opened, unless I’ve missed a transfer ?


The Auba deal looks like it’ll happen.

You’re just being awkward. Whatever way you look at it it’s not a “pipe dream”. Unless you have a different dictionary to every one else.