Top 4 Race 2017/18

Not with our away form. Not with Wenger the way he is now.

Only saving grace this season will be winning the Europa League.

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The only way we’re getting in to the CL is if we win the EL. And that’s unlikely with Napoli, Dortmund and Atletico in it now.

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I’d rather put all eggs in the basket for EL as it’s a trophy. We can beat big sides, we just need to be up for it like how we were up for FA Cup last season v Chelsea and City and won both. 4th every year is boring and leads to nothing. Winning a European trophy means a lot to a club with our lack of history in Europe

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Chelsea are far superior defensively than us though, how many goals have they conceded in the League thus far ?

We’re not going to win the Europa League

Only way I think we win it is, if Wenger makes it the priority ( I don’t think he will) also if we get lucky draws and only end up having to face one of the top sides left in a one off in the final. In saying that I think we can beat Dortmund or Napoli over 2 legs, Dortmund are just as bad as us defensively and Napoli are going to prioritise the Serie A. Atletico Madrid are the team I don’t want to play, they don’t concede goals which means its curtains for us as you just know we’d gift them a couple of away goals at the Emirates.

Making something a priority doesn’t mean you’ll win it.

Although we are a cup team now, and despite what the odds suggest, I think there are a few teams in this competition who would beat us. Some of them are unknown entities too, which would no doubt confuse Arsene “i only have a plan A” Wenger. To get to the final we will have to win another 4 two legged ties. Just don’t see it with the teams left in the competition.

Gonna be bantz when we get knocked out in the last 16 :sunglasses:

Make the round of 16 you say ? Oh well at least that means we will deal with the diabolically cold Swedish winter.

I thought you were optmistic :xhaka:. It’s between us and Atletico, as Napoli will be focused on the league.

You people have heard of teams doing the double and the treble, yeah? I don’t buy this “teams can only focus on one thing” argument.

Napoli wanting to win the league more than they want to win the Europa League doesn’t mean they’ll perform like dogshit in it. You could even argue the opposite, that they’ll want to keep the momentum going.

It’s definitely not just between us and Atletico. That’s not how football works. And even if it was, i’d bet on Atleti every day of the week!

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Let’s see the team Wenger is gonna put out first though. Hopefully some big names will come in now.

We shouldn’t need our strongest team for our last 32 match. But the chances are we’ll be up against a decent team in the last 16. I don’t believe Wenger will put our strongest XI out, though. I think someone told him that he has to give all our players game time otherwise all the puppies in the world die.

Not sure Napoli are going to put any eggs in the Europa League basket if their League form continues like it has. Seems like they have a massive opportunity in the Serie A. Dortmund - Arsenal seems more like a 50/50 tie too.

If we draw Atletico I would piss my pants tho.


Wenger reached a Europa League final before, different times but now he’d probably be even more hungry to win a European trophy so I think he’ll take it seriously

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Hope so. Our european record is pretty poor.

Atletico were shit enough to go into EL. Struggled v Qarabaq. We’d qualify in their group

Yeah they had a shite campaign but they are still the strongest side left in the Europa, still only lost once in La Liga and only conceded 8 goals.

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This is great.

Wenger getting to the final of the 2000 UEFA Cup means he’ll be hungry for the 2018 Europa League? What the fuck happened to his hunger after our 2006 CL final then? Or after the invincible PL season? Man wouldn’t be hungry after spending a year in the I’m A Celeb jungle! :laughing:

I love all the optimism here. Just find it strange how everyone can be so confident. I mean, we play Palace in the league - “ah don’t fancy us here”. In a competition with some of the best teams in Europa, “yeah easy, only between two teams”

He made a final before and it seems he took it seriously lol, look at Wikipedia and Henry was one of the top scorers. Arsenal didn’t win league that season. Defo not winning it this season. So it indicates he’ll take it serious and maybe even go for it more considering the guy is 68 and hasn’t won a European trophy

Because it’s all new and exciting.

Arsenal haven’t been humped in the Europa yet so there is still hope.

Unlike the premise and the CL where by last season we knew where this where this story was going.

A couple beatings by Atletico and some upsets by Rosenberg or something will put that right.

For now the main thing of concern for me is the away form. In a competition with 2 legged ties this is a problem.

Otherwise I’m on the Europa #Lyon2018 hype train, but wouldn’t be surprised if somehow they fuck it