Top 4 Race 2017/18


We have remaining away games vs Brighton, Huddersfield and Newcastle from the relegation fighting group as well as Leicester in their mini battle and then Manchester Utd.

How many points from those?


15 :sunglasses:


You are definitely flying the flag for positivity lately :smile::+1:


Whatever points we get, it is unlikely we will be out of the top six or in the top four.
It would be funny if we finished outside the Europa League places, but still qualified for the CL, by winning it.


I’d say 5-7 points from those 15


By the time we play our next PL game we could be 11 points off 4th :joy:


4th isn’t over until Wenger says “mathematically, it is possible”.




Today l go to market with my goats .
For the first time in years Kuntda the chicken seller beheaded all 61 cockerals.
All were taken by the interior logistical police who feed them to wild game at Murtido reserve.
My uncle who clever, and village elder
of great respect has announced a dark omen. The demise of Spurs as a force of respect. They are godless

Top 4 will bear no fruit, evil horde will run to wilderness. End is upon them.
Brothers never show no defeat and stand proud as the lion.



Yeah that’s about right, we’d need to win 10 of our last 11 to make it.


Yeah, a bit task. Focus on the Europa League like Manure last season.


Yeah zero chance without 2 of those teams above us collapsing mightily.


76 points? That would be some sweet sweet progress :giroud2:



Has there been a better opening to a post than this?


I wonder who is behind this account.


He sounds like a preacher :smile:


Oh, no…could it be? After all these years?

Guys, I’m hard.


All signs point to…maybe.


Cuellar poised like a Malfoy waiting for the return of the glory of the dark lord.