Top 4 Race 2017/18


Based on last season & this season they will go around 2 points per game for the final 11, so we’d be looking at needing 30 points from 33 to steal a top 4 spot.


We are gonna finish around 70 points, not enough to finish 4th. United had 67-68 points last season, didn’t they?


70 points would be a pretty good effort from us from this point, that would mean taking 25/33 in the final 11 games, especially considering we know we will drop 5/6 from both matches against the Manchester Teams.


4 points at least. I can see 2 draws.


I didn’t think we would get top four, as we simply haven’t got a good enough manager, but finishing behind spurs again a bit much.

I suppose the only good thing about it, is that at least there is no doubt Pochettino is a better manager than Wenger and another season is going to drag us down even further.

Even our board aren’t stupid enough to let this nonsense carry on.
I’ve said it for a while, but there is no way Wenger is going to stay after this season, unless he wants us to finish up as a mid table team.


And yet Pochettino has won less trophies than Wenger in the last 4 years :smile:


The most important trophy for Wenger, is the top four trophy.
He won’t be winning it this season, and he will watch Pochettino lift it yet again, while he watches us qualify for the Europa League with all the other small teams in Europe.


Yep, 3 F.A. cups tells you this :wink:. Good that Spurs have become “the new Arsenal”: only happy with the top 4.


To be honest with a wage bill that’s only half of Liverpool and Arsenal Tottenham really shouldn’t be anywhere near the top 4.

The Europa League Thread

Pochettino said he doesn’t care about trophies.


Wage bill doesn’t mean much imo, we have the 4th largest and we finished 2nd a couple years back. Players look at Tottenham as a stepping stone. Look at Serge Aurier I dunno what his wages are but I’m willing to bet had we signed him instead of the Scum he’d be on more per week here. We are a rich club, Agents know that, players know that, so we have to pay pay for it. It’s only compounded by doing bad business. You’ve got guys like Xhaka and Laca who look like total busts, and they probably make more money than most of the scum.

To me the real number is what is being spent in the market. That would be more telling. And not just net spend, I mean total outgoing money. The super rich clubs might have a low net spend, but that just means they are getting returns on their investments.


Think Liverpool have to be considered the favourites for 2nd now.

2nd Liverpool
3rd Tottenham
4th Manchester United

2nd year in a row of Spurs finishing above us :cry:


Two cups>>>>Spurs above us.


We haven’t won anything yet this season.


Pool now looking tough to catch. Can see Chelsea implode but need lots of Spurs help. 6th after this weekend seems real likely.


Actually the conclusion of (that book?) Soccernomics was that the wage bill shows more of a correlation with the eventual League position than (net) spending does. And 15/16 was an aberration in so many ways. You can’t really take the exemption and use that as a rule for anything.


After this weekend’s matches the nearest teams to us are going to be 7 points above and 9 points below. We’re the loneliest team in the premier league, no real battle on the cards above or below and headed for the 2nd most concrete finishing position in the league (after Man City)


Wow when you put it like that :cry:


I clearly meant if we won it :facepalm:


If there was ever a reason for concentrating on the Europa League, this is it.