Top 4 Race 2017/18


6 points away from third. We’ve been crap and we’re still that close. Feels like how we used to do it.

4th is perfectly doable, and perfectly fuckupable too.


or it could be as simple as we go and win the europa league then it shouldn’t fucking matter.


I’d rather Europa than top 4, I hope we won’t prioritise the league over it (I know we will though)


I think the team we’ll send out there will depend on who we will draw if we progress.


I still think Chelsea will get top four and it will be
Man City
Man U

If we win the Europa League and the League Cup but don’t get top four it would be a copy of what Man U did last season, and it might also mean Wenger would consider it a successful season and stay on.


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@Phoebica pop your reply in here pal:

The Europa League Thread


That would be a successful season imo. I don’t see how securing Champions League and winning a trophy would not equal a successful season imo.


Hopefully the deluded types can take a spell from this thread now, another away game yet another defeat.


Congratulations Aussie! You have won! :ozil2:


Harder but still very possible.


Our away form alone tells you that wont happen. 5th is a distant dream unless Chelsea totally implode.


We’ve been known to snap out of it and go on long winning runs. We’ll see still almost 1/3 of the season to play.


Back to being over. We’ve lost 2 of our last 3 PL games ffs :joy:


The other teams are well better mate. They slip up now and then but they dont have runs like we have here.


The main thing is the other teams don’t have 14 away defeats in their last 26 away league games

The Europa League Thread

I don’t know where people thought we even had a sniff of top 4. Seriously do the math even before this defeat today. We probably had to win 10/11 out of 13 which is absolutely unrealistic. Today’s loss is more of the same and hopefully confirms what we should have already known about our top 4 chances.


The MADNESSSSS made me do it

Back to our Thursday night reality now


Want to see the team below. Should have a nice mix of pace, runners and passers. 100% wilshere can do whatever the fuck xhaka has been attempting in the holding position but better. Really cant be fucked with seeing xhaka and iwobi in the team. Give it a change ffs.

Ramsey Wilshere
Mhki Ozil Welbeck


We’ll beat someone at home next week while Tottenham + somebody else drops points and a bunch of you will be straight back on board the train. Which is fair enough, positivity is a welcome commodity at any stage of the season. But realistically no, the pattern was set months ago with the away day problem