Tony Adams


I was about to type that exact post. :smile:


Thank you, Oliver. In my opening post I was suggesting that IF he came here, not as manager, but in some capacity on the training ground, he might instill a bit of ‘steel’ in some of the team, a quality that’s been lacking to a large extent.


Just tuned into a bit of Adrian Trollham and his line on this one is that Isco and co should be made to apologise to Adams in person :laughing:

What piffle


Would it have been more respectful if they at least asked for a ribena? :santi2:


If he can’t give Granada steel then what would he do here on the training ground.


He could give Theo a boot up the hole for starters


Well, there’s no one here doing much ‘steeling’ at the moment as far as I can tell. You’d think Bouldy would being doing a bit more than impersonating a fucking Toby Jug.


And Maybe show him some line-dance moves also! :arteta:


Isco does have a point, though:


If anything, in that photo Isco looks like the dude from short circuit.


What’s ‘steeling’ anyway. A lot of our players came from rough backgrounds.





I loved Tony Adams the player, but as a manager the guy is a complete farce. How the fuck does he keeps getting offers?


Good luck. Do they want to get relegated again?


I don’t really like Tony Adams so I hope he does end up joining Sunderland and completely flopping as a manager for about the 5th time


have to wonder also what sort of players would he honestly be able to attract or even coach properly. If a players sees his coaching efforts from those Vids for the last team would he think yeah i think i will want this guy nurturing me and making me a better player. As soon as another team comes forward they would be gone!


id like to see the big man at Sunderland tbh. Not so confident in anything other than it being a hilarious trainwreck, but IMAGINE the scenes if Ranieri Leicester 2.0


Hopefully 1 of his managerial stints are successful. He’s all talk but no action.


They’ll get over it once they see the paycheck.