Tony Adams' new job


Jeez, couldn’t we have given him a job here? Might’ve put some fire in bellies.


Pointless appointment ever.


Haha if Adams is the answer I don’t want to know what the question is.

I mean don’t get me wrong, great player and club legend but as a coach and manager absolutely terrible.


Only one way to develop, good on him i say.


VERY weird choice by both parties involved. I really did not see it coming, and I’m not sure what he’s done in the managerial world for Granada to justify this decision :confused:

Wish him the very best mind. It’s fantastic to see an Englishman and Gooner in Spanish football.


Good idea to give him this write off of a run in to see if he can do something in preparation for next season. If it doesn’t work he can go back to being a director, if it works then they’ve done well.


Azerbaijan was merely the aperitif. I predict relegation, minimal Spanish and a sacking before November. But still Good luck TA#6 x



This has disaster written all over it.


And some people wanted him as Arsenal manager :wenger:


He’s just having a bit of fun lol.


Wasn’t he working with some Chinese team or something? Honestly if you don’t really give a fuck where you work its obviously quite easy to get a job in football if you’ve any semblance of looking like you know what you’ve doing.


Granada 0-3 Celta de Vigo :grimacing:

I don’t think they’ll win a game under him, but with such low expectations of an obviously relegation-destined side, I don’t think Adams really loses out from this experience too much


Apparently Isco and Kroos were caught laughing at Tony Adams’ fashion sense. From the bench they were calling “Waiter! A coca cola!”

Poor Tonycito.


Disrespectful pricks, hope they drown in their coca-cola. :bellerin:


What a shambles he’s been, some thought he was good enough for Arsenal. :rolling_eyes:


Not just good enough to be a manager.


TBH I don’t ever remember anybody saying he was good enough for Arsenal. People hoped he would be but it was clear from the get go he was massively out of his depth as a manager and nobody really pushed the idea again. And that’s over 10 years ago now lol.


The opening post wanted Adams here. But it’s a small minority who actually wanted him here.


Even then, ‘couldnt we give him a job’ and ‘should be the manager’ arent quite the same tbh.