Toby Alderweireld


Not that high on Manolas, has the technique of Gabriel and the discipline of Mustafi.


Chelsea it is then


C’mon Toby! You can become a legend here like Sol :ozil2:


This already has spurs fans rustled, DO IT ARSENE :mkhi:


Why would he leave spurs to join us?
They are doing well in the CL.
They have a great manager.
They are moving into a new stadium.
He is playing alongside other great players.
They have an owner who is ambitious and who is a spurs supporter.
They have a well organised team who are going places.

We have the opposite to all these.


I’ll pass, not keen on adding another 29 year old to the squad when our recent problems at the back have been the decline of our most consistent defenders in Koscielny, Mertesacker & Monreal.


Blimey, I honestly didn’t realise he was 29! Thought he was younger. It will probably happen now won’t it?


He’s 28, but yeah he’ll be 29 by the summer.

He’s still one of the top defenders in the league though. Spurs were a better team when he came back from injury. And if the buy out clause is correct - well £25m is nothing. I’d take him – upsetting the Spurs fans will be a bonus :grin:


No , No , No .
Anyone who wears chicken badge is not welcome. Not better than our noble defenders and old like a bent pygmy with
a bush cockatoo on head. Sister Dongo will weep as the rainy season if he wears our proud cannon.
My friends we must have better to progress .


Money talk. We can be shittier than them, but still richer than them.


Cause they are spurs and it will take a lonnng time of this shit happening before they become a bigger club than us. The Spurs exodus is only beginning my friend…


Should take Eriksen as well, right @Cristo?



Eriksen, Mkhi and Ozil with Auba up front?!?!?! Holy shit.

Plus we’d have a world class free-kick taker in our squad for the first time in years.


Still lose to Swansea away :wink:


Other than Sol who’s the last former spud that ended up playing for Arsenal?

Also I think if the release clause is true and we try to activate it they’ll basically tell us to get fucked the same way pool did.


Pat Jennings?


Glad we didn’t take that mentality back in the middle of 2001, or no double in 2002 would have happened nor the unbeaten 2003/2004 season.


Think you are right but bizarrely we also signed Willie Young and Steve Walford from the spuds in 1977 too. Weird!!

Edit: it’s actually probably not that weird considering we’d got Terry Neill in from there the year previous so he obviously knew a lot about those players.


When the product on the pitch is dogshit, we can always rely on transfer madness to save us