Toby Alderweireld


Sol part 2 ??



Spurs fans would go mad :rofl:. Make it happen!


Milenstat closing innnn


ÂŁ25m release clause? Interesting


25m +1 pence then.


“Not break the bank to keep him”? That’s the reason why they will never win anything. Small time club.


The rumor is he doesn’t want to leave London btw :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Did the mole tell you that? :laughing:


Couple itk accounts that have been trustworthy are saying the same. Icing on the cake is that supposedly the quote from his agent (Alderwield’s) is that he wants to stay in London and go to a bigger club lulzz :joy::joy:


So West Ham then.


You can throw palace, fulham, and wolves in there as bigger clubs than the scum as far as I’m concerned.


Good to see the bubble bursting for the spuds


Eriksen to Barca please.

He’s their heartbeat


Kane to Real as well. Thanks. Want to see these overrated cunts in demise.


I can get on board with the sentiment but in reality when it comes to a millennial snowflake such as Toby you’d have to imagine that list looks more like Chelsea, Arsenal, Spuds, The Rest…



A yes that famous London club Wolves… :joy:

Treble you’ve had a shocker here hah


Millenial snowflakes are all we’ve got left as players, and then there’s gen Z which is worse. So we gotta figure out a way to make em play. Well the recipe is already there, Chelsea do it perfectly. Hire a strict manager to be a cunt and keep them in line until there’s a full on mutiny. Fire said manager, hire a new one with similar attributes, rinse repeat.

Lmao by the way I’ve no clue the geography of london but yeah think I confused QPR and wolves, you got the sentiment though.


To be honest anyone who knows the difference is a bit of a dick in my book.




Theres noway you can prefer anyone else other then someone that will ruin tottenhams year. Especially as Toby (yeah im gonna fucking call him toby) would be class at the back for us.