Ticket for an American friend

Hey guys

My girlfriends American friend is coming over to visit and they’re dead keen to get to an Arsenal game and have asked for help getting a ticket.

Obviously I would love to help but have absolutely no clue how to go about getting a ticket (I usually borrow a friend of a friends season ticket card haha). I looked at the Ticket FAQ but does it make sense for them to get a red membership as an American tourist just coming over for a couple of days?

Are there any options for getting tickets for visitors like that?

Alternatively could I buy the ticket through someone’s red membership and reimburse you for it?

Wish I could help bud.

Don’t expect help from @Midfield_Maestro, he’ll go and buy tickets for his friends and then let you know once they’re sold out.


Haha sounds like a bitter experience

What are the chances of him being able to pick up a ticket from the box office for the Sheffield game on the 18th Jan do you think?

why would you do this to a friend…what sorta friend are you to get them to sit there in the cold and watch an arsenal match what the fuck did they ever do to you? :bellerin:


Which game they looking at?

When was the last time you held a season ticket @JakeyBoy?

Sheffield United 18th Jan