Thomas Partey (5)

More like 70-80%, which actually isn’t that bad. We have definitely seen worse, much worse.

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Def seen worse in terms of availability but can’t think of a player that important who had that many absences.

Jack? We still had plenty in midfield.
Diaby? Same.
RvP? Don’t really remember suffering without him.

Why would we loan out 1 of the best midifielders in the world just as he gets fit :joy::joy:

Rumour mill be trippin

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We need to start adapting our team to playing a different way without Partey.

I worry that if he gets fit for 15 games, we start playing well, then he gets injured and we’re fucked again because we have no plan B without him.

Love, love Partey as a player. Magnificent when fit. But how can you build your team with the lynch pin being a crock? You just can’t do it.


I think we already have. Rice at the eight with Jorginho behind him. This is the way.

we already did?
Rice is the replacement

We’re managing right now, sure. Not playing that fluently, not creating loads of chances. Defensively a lot more solid but can this style take us to 90+ points? I’m not convinced, but I am banking on there being an evolution into something more.

But when Partey comes back, we’ll do things really differently. Go back to him being a central piece in our jigsaw. It reduces Rice’s impact and role. Partey will always be first choice 6 when fit, so Rice is shoehorned into a midfield role that he hasn’t figured out yet. Maybe it will come, I hope it does, but Partey will break down again and then we are back to this rather stuttering evolution.

Rather than than watch 38 games without him tbf

only needs to take City and Pool to lose a couple of more games than usual, then it will be it.
We may not need 90+ points to win it all.

Partey leaving or getting injured is inevitable, so we should do this transition ASAP and not heavily relying on him again (I said it when we signed Rice).
He affects the stability of the team so much because we always have to consider to integrate him back to the team.

I don’t care if he is the best midfielder of the team or of the whole league.
His availability is just a major concern more than anything.

As per @Joshua…loan only acceptable if there is an obligation to buy. Need a quality CM/DM replacement in January if there is any truth to this rumour.

If he does go to Juve watch him be fit for the rest of the season, and probably next year too.


Looks like the @footybollocks machine has started well in advance of January this year

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The worst part of International Football has arrived, stupid speculation. Because our lives aren’t just quite complete without consuming bollocks.

Zubimendi wants to stay at Socieadad for the season and doesn’t want to leave in January. Partey should be back in February. This seems a two plus two equals four. Keep Partey for the season and get Zubi in the summer.

He’ll literally be like a new signing when he’s back.

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