Thomas Partey (18)

Yeah it’s tragic, meant have signed a midfielder at his peak 27 years of age for 50 million and 200k a week.

Looking disastrous at the moment.


Been a season to forget for him in all honesty. Has shown a few times that he’s a Rolls Royce midfielder in games but has largely been flaky being in and out of the team with injuries.


When I’ve watched, despite his performances being not what you’d expect, he still does things that the other midfielders can’t. He has these moments of magic.

The talent is there. He’s not enjoying his football.


He’s by far one the of the talented midfielders we’ve had but he keeps making stupid mistakes/decisions recently. He has been abysmal in Europe so far, probably picked it up from Cholo, I don’t know.

Anyway, if I see this fool practicing his long shots again I’ll lose it.

He’s our best midfielder and arguably our best player overall.

He was pure class in his first few appearances. Levels above anything we have seen in midfield for years at this club. Santi and peak Ramsey are the only players who are in his bracket.

Injuries, awful team selections, awful tactics and awful management have wrecked this guy’s confidence. He looks confused out there, like he’s caught in two minds doing what comes natural and then doing what Arteta has told him.

He’s a certified baller who is being ruined by this coach. He’s in his prime and we are wasting his talent. He should be the lynchpin around which this midfield is built, and another manager does that basically straight away. So frustrating to see a don like this in the mud.


It could be that he needs a coach that keeps him in check. Cholo was definitely able to do that.
Arteta lately doesn’t seem able to do so.

Unfortunate as he managed to keep Xhaka, Luiz, Mustafi and Kolasinac in check.
Maybe Partey is too big of a talent for him. :eyes:

You might be on to something there. When you sign a player from such a rigid system why would you try to do anything other than employ that same system?

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A thought. Maybe he just came here for his 200k a week pension

Why though? Surely he could have gotten similar money and better weather in Qatar or the UAE.

I can’t speak for him, but I wouldnt trade living in a society like ours for the UAE/Qatar just cos of the weather. If I could get great money in London, especially if my family were already settled there, and a three year deal to boot, I wouldn’t go to Qatar or the UAE.


I’ll be honest the quality of life in UAE, if you’ve got money, is as good as anywhere. I was so close to moving to Dubai. I’ve been about 3 or 4 times now and honestly it’s just a great quality of life if you’ve got wealth. There’s everything you could wish for, and it’s a clean and incredibly safe place to live.

But that’s coming from the perspective of someone who was born in London and grew up here so I have done the London life my entire life. I can definitely see the appeal for people who haven’t lived here in London but the shitty weather would put me off wanting to live here for too many years.

The idea that he’s come here for a £200k a week pension is laughable though. I think some people grossly underestimate how professional most football players truly are.


Anelka lives there. At least that’s what I remember from his documentary.

Yeah. When you’re out there, you see plenty of the rich and famous.

Totally agree with you for what it’s worth. I just imagine, like @SRCJJ said, that once you break through to a certain level of wealth you can live an insanely comfortable lifestyle in the gulf. You might have to step over the dead bodies of slave laborers on your way to get a latte but you can’t make an omelette without committing human rights violations, you know?


Yep. And the truth is when you’re out there and you’re enjoying the fruits of the slave labour, most people will just overlook it.

You have the best restaurants, the biggest shops, the most luxurious brands, the best hotels, the best apartments, villas, outrageously well built roads. An amazing night life, day to day life, beaches, activities, incredible weather all year round. You’re not paying taxes on your earnings too which is a big big plus.

A lot of my friends have moved out there, they earn what would be considered a decent wage in London (around the £30k mark) but don’t pay any taxes and often find their employers cover rent and bills too. So the benefits of living out there are so high that people will often overlook the slave labour.

It’s quite surreal though, you can leave an incredible 5 star hotel and right next to you is a building that’s being built by droves of migrant workers who you can just know are severely underpaid and poorly treated.


Errr… I’ll take one of these please

Yeah it’s crazy lol. Especially if you take teaching jobs they pay you like £27-30k a year, give you a hefty loyalty bonus for completing two years (something like £5k) and they pay your rent and bills.

So you effectively get like £2,500, which is the UK equivalent of a shade over £40k. But without having to pay rent and bills which makes that £2,500 even more valuable.


Sounds very appealing. Do I tell them I’m Jewish on the application or once I land there? :arteta:

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Wow that’s a pretty good deal. Can see why a lot of people move out there.

Unless you’re gay. Or a woman. For starters.

Guess Willian is neither, so like many other people, might not give a shit. He seems supportive of Bolsonaro so, yeah…

Each to their own. I wouldn’t want to live in a society that still practices slavery and treats homosexuality to be a criminal offence, even though neither of those things affect me. I also think democracy is cool too. Free speech is decent. Weighed up against paying no tax, I think I’d rather pay the tax.

Really, my point was just to comment on weather perhaps not being enough of a pull factor when you can get paid obscene money to be shit for three years in a city like London. If he was offered a 2 year deal and “meagre” wages, then the pull factor to those places would be high, whereas I suspect its not quite as high given his sweet deal here.