Thomas Lemar


Forgot about Lamar, can’t believe we almost signed him for 95m


Could be, but they haven’t really replaced Carrasco either.


For sure. Good deal.


Precisely the reason Wenger should never have been allowed another transfer window. The sum he wanted to spend on Lemar was outrageous


Hasn’t fit Atleti well, wonder if they want to recoup their money this summer and invest elsewhere. Should be all over this imo.


Dunno tbh, sounds like we dodged a bullet on that one


More like a missile.


Completely forgot about this guy :joy::joy:

€65m :hushed:


If you rearrange the letters in his surname, you get Lamer or L’mare. Bad omens.

You can also get Realm and Mlera but I don’t know what those could mean


This guy is probably just like Bakayoko and he’ll never have a season like 2016/17 again


That was such a shitty signing from Chelsea.

He’s is so terrible.


He’s been playing a little better of late for AC Milan. It’s not that much of an improvement considering how terrible he was for Chelsea and Milan at the start of this season, but maybe he just had one incredible season for Monaco and will never really replicate it.


Disagree with most here. Joining Atleti was a big misstep from him but he still is an amazing winger and is just 23 years old. Wingers at Atleti generally act as the workhorses(along the many) of the team. It’s hard to be a creative midfielder there like he generally is. Griezy had to move to a more advanced role(second striker or even lone striker).
I think something around 40-50 million is still a steal for him. Upgrade to anything we have, tremendous upside too.


He is by no means a poor player.
Overvalued perhaps but he has a high ceiling.


Again, need to be all over this. This guy and Pepe should be our go to for wingers in the summer. Need to lowball Atleti as he hasn’t quite hit it there. Could make a steal with him.


I thought this guy turned into a poop player? We still want him?


Never wanted the French Walcott, never will.


He went to the wrong club.

He’s a good player, however, it’s a struggle for flair players in that Atletico team.

Goes without saying he was never worth the £92m bid though haha.


He was never worth more than 40m at best but I would gladly take him here. Quality player.
Don’t judge him based on his current form


Even if I do that, I don’t want him. Especially for that kind of money