Thomas Lemar


Totally. And follow random clubs/players on Twitter :slight_smile:


So all the praise about Liverpool getting Mahrez and Lemar were too soon? Who would have guessed.


Wait! Apparently, everything was settled for Mahrez and Lemar to Liverpool in january :thinking:


Yep. Arsenal fans over-reacting over nothing. That almost never happens :grin:


I don’t understand the links to Liverpool tbh. Klopp hasn’t won anything for them since joining and they haven’t won a major trophy since the FA Cup in 2006 (I’m not counting the league cup in 2012) plus they have only managed two top 4 finishes in the last 8 seasons. I can see Klopp either moving on or being sacked in a season or two if they don’t win a major trophy.

What really pisses me off is that none of the pundits talk about this or Spurs record either!

Can see the links to Barca being more realistic for Lemar, but happy if he chooses Arsenal.


Lemar is not good enough for Barca, honestly him denying to come here in the summer was a blessing in disguise.


I think that the fact that they finished in the CL places and are above us in the PL is enough to keep the pundits off them.
They also don’t have the spending power we do and both Klopp and Pochettino are new to the PL, compared to Wenger.

Pochettino, particularly, has spent very little, and although Klopp has spent a lot, he has only really spent the money from the sales of big players.

The main reason Wenger has been getting a bit of criticism in recent seasons, is because he has the resources to strengthen but rarely does anything.

The signing of Lemar would have gone a long way to convincing supporters that he meant business, but it was a transfer that was never really going to happen.


Happy we didn’t sign him. His namesake Kendrick is better



Lemar is never going to be an Arsenal player.


Right about now I’m 50/50


I don’t get it :sweat_smile:?


I’m embarrassed for you mate, how could you not know the magic that is Lemar?


I refuse to believe that Lemar was not an international phenomenon.


I didn’t get it either.


I actually do remember this song, but nowhere it was registered in my mind Lemar is a singer :sweat_smile:.


Are you calling me a liar?

Are you saying that I’m not telling the truth?


You’re claiming they are rumours
You say you got nothin’ else to hide?



Guess he’s the replacement for Griezmann