Thomas Lemar


Trying to bid lol, Surely they just lodge a bid, even if we supposedly weren’t listening hey could have lodged a bid before the very last day


Do you really think City would have laughed at us if on August 1st we’d said you can have him for £55+5m? No negotiations, that’s the price unless you want to talk about throwing in players. And we could have even given them a deadline because of the “we need to find a replacement” stuff which is the condition we gave them anyway.

This is a club that goes out and pays 50m+ for fullbacks.

And we’re talking about a club that rejects 12m for Gibbs in July and accepts 7m for Gibbs in August, so I reckon the waiting methodology goes both ways.

We were happy to let him leave and we wanted to replace him, so we’re the ones who fucked up leaving it until deadline day. I can’t remember if it was you or someone else that said they want to believe that Lemar rejected us because he was with France and timing etc. and if that’s true then maybe he doesn’t reject us a week or two sooner.


If we’d made them that offer there’s every chance they’d have still waited till deadline day to make the bid, They were always going to bid for him at some point but I do see your points and I’m not saying we couldn’t have handled it better but at the most it’s 50/50 between us and city cocking it up


I can point to about 200m reasons I think it doesn’t.


be able to get griezmann cheaper next season. Release clause of about the same i think. Laca and Griezmann would be amazing but you know he will be going to manu.


There will be a lot of forwards and attacking midfielders to get for cheaper I imagine.


Sanchez and Ozil will be available and very cheap. :wink:


I don’t think it’s very likely City, who have been rumoured to be dead set on signing him all summer (a rumour that would seem to be true due to their deadline day pursuit which isn’t rumour so much as knowledge), waited all the way til the end to make a bid. Think it’s more likely that they’ve been periodically sending out feelers to see if we were receptive to selling him/negotiating, and it was only after Liverpool that they found we were.


He really does himself no favors with comments like that. Better to keep quiet.

If Lemar has another season like his last, he’ll be priced above Arsenal and/or wanting to move to a club that can challenge for titles. Not too mention, with Sanchez and possibly Ozil gone, what kind of team would he be coming to?


Well… lol. Another of Wenger’s answers from that same interview this morning was that he still believes we can win the league. So I see absolutely no reason why Lemar wouldn’t want to join the Premier League champions :sunglasses:


yeah I agree wholeheartedly. Was more playing devils advocate tbh


While he is expected to say that if asked and talk up his players, it just sounds hollow.

Persisting with the same group when they’ve repeatedly come up short is the not very bright. Would like to hear why it will be different this time. Already 6 points off the pace and likely out of any contention by Christmas.

Everything about his team and the management of it has gone stale. Now, he has a locker room that he has to try and rally with the best player not wanting to be there and the 2nd best probably wondering what he is doing there.

Not sure why he signed Sead and Laca for them to sit on the bench.

Would like to be proven wrong by Wenger, but I don’t see how he turns this around with the same group of players. If he loses the locker room, the season will get even uglier.


Let’s be realistic. Lemar rejected us because we are a shambles of a club. And the season has only begun. We are most likely going to have another poor season, maybe our worst yet under Wenger. Add to that, our best players would be leaving the club next summer. So why would any talented player want to join us, especially if there are other clubs after him.

On the off chance that Lemar is stupid enough to want to join us because of Wenger, by next summer, Wenger would be entering the final year of his contract with the club so there will be a whole lot of uncertainty around him. Whichever way you look at it, I don’t see us bringing in any world class talent to this club anymore. Our best hope is to unearth talent from the lesser leagues/teams.


I think there are many variables that come into play with his decision. I believe, via reports early on, that he wanted an Arsenal move. He’ll have a better scope of how things have played out half way through the season in January or by the end of the season. Someone else might even think of pursuing at that point, yielding an even better offer than both Arsenal and Liverpool.

I know Wenger gets slaughtered over here, rightly so in some cases but I feel like he’s still revered even in France. Their media perception could be totally light hearted when it comes to judging him, ultimately, his profile to younger French players might not be as skewed as some of us think.


When was the last time we signed a young French talent? I mean, Kante turned us down and so did Lemar. Mbappe was courted by Wenger and he’s ended up at PSG.

In general, we don’t seem to delve too deeply into the French talent pool at the moment. It’s strange given the absolute depth of talent they’re producing. It’s another reason why I feel Wenger is passed it at and should move on.


I remember Wenger saying he gets offered many top talents, by their agents. Must be all lies.


Back in 08/09, seems like after getting burned by Fabregas, Nasri & Van Persie Wenger’s shy’d away from young players. :facepalm:

Bielik (14/15)
Chambers (14/15)
Gnabry (13/14)
Chamberlain (11/12)
Ramsey (08/09)
Nasri (08/09)
Denilson (06/07)
Walcott (05/06)
Adebayor (05/06)
Song (05/06)
Diaby (05/06)
Vela (05/06)
Van Persie (04/05)
Eboue (04/05)
Flamini (04/05)
Reyes (03/04)
Fabregas (03/04)
Clichy (03/04)
Toure (01/02)
Henry (99/00
Ljungberg (98/99)
Vieira (96/97)
Anelka (96/97)


Vadim Vasilyev (Monaco’s vice president) on Lemar

“Thomas wanted to go to Arsenal and to Liverpool, but we took a communal decision so that he could stay here.”

“He is a very important player for us. We could not have sold him, it would have affected the entire team.”

If that’s true fair play to Lemar accepting their decision and choosing to stay a Monaco, I can’t help but feel the the majority of players nowdays kick off when things don’t go their way.


Well you don’t want to end up like Mahrez, do you?


Fair point, you can add Seri to that list too.