Thomas Lemar


Liverpool are going IN for Lemar while we want a Manchester City castoff to replace Alexis :sob:


Ha don’t blame him. Embarrassing for Wenger and Arsenal though… :see_no_evil:


Nice tactics from Wenger.
He had a whole window to sort this out and he waited until the end of it to try and get him.

It’s pathetic, and proves what a liar he is.
That “we tried” line won’t wash any more.

I wondered how long it would take him to come out with this well worn excuse, like he has in every other transfer window.


It fucking stings. Would have liked to have him. Not even sure why, I barely know him. But still, something new and exciting.


Figures that we attempt to spunk £92mil on a player when both of our current star players have a foot out the door and the club is in its worst state for years.

Just like with everything else it’s too little too late from Monsieur Wenger.


Thank fuck Lemar saved us from our own stupidity.


On paper Monaco should look like more of a sinking ship than Arsenal. They’re shipping out first team players left and right and it looks like they were willing to lose Lemar without replacing him.

I said the same about Mbappe. These guys all went on the journey of a lifetime last season with their title win and exceptional CL run. There’s no way after that high they decide to go and try to get 4th place and no CL at a club where the fans boo the manager.

You can understand why Bakayoko, Mendy, Mbappe, Silva all went where they did but Arsenal in 2017 isn’t somewhere I’d want to be tied to for the next 4-5 years.

I wonder what he’d have done if it was United offering big money for him.


Even though a lot of players left, including Lemar they kept seven starting players (Subasic, Sidibe, Glik, Jemerson, Fabinho, Lemar, Falcao). Moutinho also started 19 games last season on the midfield. Rony Lopes and Jorge (Bernardo SIlva and Mendy replacements) have been at that club for 1/2 seasons. Whilst it seems they lost a lot, it doesn’t look that bad. Losing a generational player like Mbappe is never good though. They went really smart about their business.

I think if we followed through in June we would have had him btw. I (would like to) think he refused us because of timing.


Wow. Sanchez and Ozil came a couple seasons ago, but Lemar turned us down on the last day. Just goes to show this ship is sinking fast and Wenger isn’t revered anymore as he once was. His fraud has been exposed and served.


Wenger didnt wait until the end at all…


He waited until the end of the window to make a bid that Monaco would accept.


He still didn’t wait until the end to try and get him.


Who gives a shit? It was so late it was almost impossible to get it over the line even if he wanted to join.

It’s as farcical and amateurish an approach to a transfer window you’ll see.

Wenger not waiting literally until the end of the window doesn’t make him any less inept, hell knows why you’re being pedantic over something like that.


/Captain Hindsight

We should have just got rid of Sanchez in June (or whenever he made it clear he wont be signing a contract) and just bought in Lemsr then. We as fans would have been over the departure by now and Wenger would be under 10x less pressure. Instead he’s now left in a mess and compounded the situation by looking desperate late in the window.


Rubbish imo. Selling him would have jist given everyone something different to moan about.


There will always be something to moan about. However the situation would not have been as unstable as it is now for sure.


Personally I feel keeping Alexis for another year is better than spending big money on Lemar, he’s obviously talented but if he’s in the elite bracket of players worthy of being valued around 100 million is yet to be determined.

My complaints come from our failure to fill in the other gaping holes in our squad.


My only worry now is the market will, I assume, increase further next year making whatever replacement of Sanchez’ more expensive and possibly difficult to acquire, taking into account the damage Wenger may have done by then.

Keeping Alexis for a year felt good early on as I gullibly thought we’d be signing his replacement this window and having him here for a season before said departure. Now, it just feels like the biggest mother of all migraines is about to kick in and we have to deal with the day-to-day workings of life because you simply can’t stay in bed and have yer Ma bring in chicken soup to you.


I don’t think that’s true, more money came in within the last year or 2 because of TV contracts, those contracts aren’t increasing again so there isn’t reason why the market will continue to spiral upwards in the short term.

Replacing a Sanchez level talent is always difficult because of the rarity of such talent, which is maybe why we aren’t selling.


Getting rid of his wage should allow us to have some more money.