Things you love thread


It’s photoshopped.


Still better than most of the crap in this thread!


I think she’d have been the most successful pornstar ever


Due to popular demand, the thread name has been changed to something, a little less crap :slight_smile:


The new title is even more crap. :giroud:



Sexist too. :zipper_mouth:


It was my idea tbf. I mentioned about a thread on old OA that someone made about beautiful things (the title wasn’t exactly that though) and then it was changed to that.

The Beautiful things is because there are cars and shoes and other stuff in here also not just pictures of girls.


[quote=“Persona, post:128, topic:482, full:true”]
The new title is even more crap.
[/quote]You’re the one who suggested this name you traitor :santi:


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Look above. :gunnersaurus:


Take the car shit out and rename it lol. things look so wrong haha


That’s a winning title. :+1:


Fried egg sarnie


This is gonna get random :smile:






Match day chat, late night.



my wife (she has threatened to cut me if i dont put it)…love you darling! :heart_eyes:


Amazon Prime, I don’t have to go to the stores as much. I buy shit and it just shows up. Like batteries… who remembers to buy batteries until the moment they need them. I go to Amazon on occasion, press a button and they show up two days later.

Plus, there are all those people at the store… yuck!

Reading to my youngest at bed time. He’s a snuggly little guy, plus I get to do goofy voices without judgement.


Lol I’ve never understood this. Yeah it’s convenient sometimes however the battery comment is a terrible example. Who remembers to buy batteries until they need them, so you buy them from amazon and wait two days? Lol I thought you just said you needed them? Anyways I have amazon prime and use it for buying off the wall shit that I wouldn’t even begin to know where to look for a store that sold that particular item. I fear the day though that I can’t drive to my local store and buy batteries if I wanted them instantly and didn’t want to wait for two days. It will be all your fault too you lazy mother fucker. Get up off your lazy ass and go somewhere ffs. :grin: