Things you love thread

This is the greatest feat of wizardry since @Gladiator pronounced a double r.


I’ve had the notification of someone liking my post twice a few times lol. Must be a bug



Pepe close to signing for Arsenal
Shawcross breaking his leg. Karma pal


I tend not to mess around with the bollocky misconceptions and wanky incarnations of the coffee world that you would find in a Starbucks. I went in on a recommendation here purely because of what this is infused with.

Oh my is it good!


Dood crazy lol this is exactly what we drink in my house. Mainly because when we went to Hawaii a couple years back they had this coffee in the VRBO we stayed in, so nostalgia plus it’s damn good coffee too.

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Have you tried any of the other flavours at all? I’m half way through my first tin and pondering on whether to try another flavour?

This, I’ve been mental busy with work lately and this carbon fibre beauty has been sat in its box for the last 2 weeks since its arrival and I’ve only just managed to get out on the trails on it today.

Absolutely fucking amazing to ride, I love mountain biking so muc, have been a bit unlucky the start of the year, came off quite badly and fucked my rotator cuff in my shoulder, still not 100% but getting there and building the confidence back up on the jumps again!

Anyway here she is, YT Industry’s Capra 29" cf pro…


I’m more of a road bike man myself, but I can definitely appreciate how beautiful that is, along with a comfortable ride. Great colour scheme!

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I’ll never be able to get on board with the look of mountain bikes these days. Just those two prongs going to the back wheel look so off compared to the rest of the bike.

So long as it does the job and you enjoy it is obviously the main thing though. And agreed with @Gio the colour is beautiful. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, fell in live with the colour as soon as I saw it

Weirdly the geometry on this bike is right up there with bikes that are £2-3k more expensive and as brittle as those two rear prongs make it look its surprisingly very strong.

What’s even weirder is that theres bikes out there running single forks and shocks on the front, really odd looking things.

Freshly baked bread.

When it’s crusty on the outside and still warm on the inside with a good knob of butter.

Been eating very well recently so the something as simple as this is an absolute treat right now :ok_hand:t3:



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When some cunt in the comments section thinks they’re carefully crafting a fool proof, cast iron argument that will destroy people with facts and logic when someone dives head first into the fray and hits them with a well timed…



Let’s keep this topic clean, please.

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This might well fit into The Weather Thread, but I do love it when we get our first skiff of snow at this time of year. There was only a dusting of it this morning, but there was a change in the air and the temperature hovered around 2C all day.

Garlic and herb dip


Dominoes franks red hot sauce hot wings

Proper guilty pleasure, i can eat unlimited amounts of those

Had a couple of them with last weeks cheat meal. Nothing better.


Speaking of cheat meals. Anybody got any good recommendations for cookies?

I like my cookies reasonably warm and gooey on the inside.

I’m going to get my default pack of Greggs cookies tomorrow if all else fails.

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