Things you love thread


Ragnar from Vikings


Yeah right.


Great physique but topknot wanker! He’s no me.




I’m sure his boyfriend thinks he’s hot too :wink:


This thread isn’t going the way I expected it to.



Not only is she fine af she’s one of the best surfers in the world :giroud2:



That is the first correct use of this thread I’ve seen. Well done.


Im so getting a pair of those. Lush af.

Till Big Dave from Dagenham rips right through them that is.


When I used to play Sunday league football in Cornwall our opponents would yell stuff like “crunch the darkie” because the half-black guy on our team was the trickiest player. Ahhhh Cornwall.

You also did not wear colourful boots.


Definitely gonna be nabbing those, they look comfortable as fuck the sexy little things. Rocking Nikes again is gonna feel good last pair I had was these bad boys

set me back £240 but they were worth every penny.



This is what I’m talking about, woooooo!



A deformed looking Mustang is not wank worthy.


Ina all seriousness it’s barely even a Mustang apart from the A pillar, B pillar & the roof.

That Engine Bay tho



What have you guys done to my thread? :’(


I mean yeh that’s some scary engineering but it’s literally disgusting looking and I lost my shit when I saw their horrific handbrake design. The dash is actually nice in a minimalist kinda way and those gauges are class but the handbrake and their logo looks like something designed by a 12 year old wigger.

Don’t get me started on the alloys.

Just for the record I do know the aesthetics aren’t really the point of this beast but you have to admit they didn’t have to make it look like a Mustang and Frankenstein had some sort of aborted baby.


:joy::joy::joy: you crack me up. Honestly I actually quite liked the aesthetics it first time round but the more I look at it now the less I enjoy it especially after re-viewing the original 1965 Ford Mustang, that things is gorgeous.

Edited my OP. Better ?