Things you love thread


When you get a fresh like from something you said a year ago and you get the chance to enjoy your genius all over again.


You’re welcome :wink:





Even though I am more of a legs and arse man gotta love the bitty…!!


The fact that Love Island is over :heart_eyes:


Had a couple the other day when I went to Sea Life London with Jack - not bad as well so many thanks @shamrockgooner . Might have been tainted a little with the sun and lovely surroundings but I could easily see myself switching to this after a full fat pint Spanish Manna…


Light beers have grown on me lately. Especially in order to avoid a Lloris.


really? Maybe i am the only one but i find they taste really cringy, very sorta watery and too sparkly tasting like someone took a beer and diluted it with soda water i cant stand them, same with non alcoholic beers. There is something about how they taste and the mouth feel that makes me judder i cant deal with them. To me shandy tastes better, and i am not even that keen on that.


They really aren’t that different.


The answer is WHEAT beer ! Even light wheat beer taste delicious as it still containts alot of the flavour of the alcoholic wheat beer. This one is my fave so far : image


might give it a whirl one day see if they are any better. Is that non alcohol or low alcohol?


0.5 %


0.5% too much :slight_smile:


Near beer? No thanks, I’d rather have nothing than that.


Agree 100% - however buy a bottle of Becks Blue and try it. It does not taste like those nasty pisswater light beers.


Are you straight edge?


What do you mean?


Straight edge is a subculture of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs, in reaction to the excesses of punk subculture.


That doesn’t sound like me at all :stuck_out_tongue:


So then why is 0.5% Alc too much?