Things you love thread


Just blasted legs this morning but I rarely incorporate barbell squats in my leg workout. If I do squat it’s back squats. But I predominantly focus on leg press, leg extensions, lunges, stuff leg deadlifts, deadlifts and hamstring curls.

I hate squats lol


Gotta include them all man. But overall its the squats that trump. My quads this morning are broken. Always get DOMS 48 hrs after a heavy sesh :grimacing:


Dont go too heavy, you need your joints for many more years to come.


Are you teetotal Jon?


Tried non alcoholic beer by mistake once as I picked it up thinking it was proper beer :cry::cry:

Tasted weird tbh. I don’t understand why there is such a thing though. What is the point of beer with no alcohol in it?!


Finish off with 1-1/2’s on the leg extension machine . Control the movement. Have a bowl ready tho . You’ll feel sick at the end :wink:


I love leg extension at the beginning to warm me up and right at the end to burn me out.

I’ll give these a shot. Leg days usually do make me feel sick anyway lol


I’m not but last time I had a drink was Feb at our xmas (yeah i know!) bash.

Hangovers now are much worse now and a quick pint just makes me feel tired and thirsty. I do love a beer as well so one never feels enough. So I dont really drink at all now save special occasions.

To me its all about the Heroin now…:yum:


Good, but never go above heroin.


420 boi!


There is an above!!!


The secret to it all is squeezing the quad muscles at the right time .
Without telling you how to suck eggs , try positioning your feet inwards and outwards on the pad .
Post how you get on :muscle:


About 5 years ago I bought this Stratocaster second hand (for £60) to practice building and working on guitars.

Someone bellend had gone at it with a dremmel and carved chinese writing into the body- it was fucking hideous and played like shit. Since then I’ve completely refinished it (back to bare wood- first to look new, then ‘reliced’ to make it look like a 60’s survivor) and spent countless hours rounding the fretboard, levelling frets and generally going over every fine detail I could find a youtube video on.

Some new pickups and tuners later it plays and sounds better than any of my other guitars (even better than my mate’s full fat £1500 Strat).

I genuinely love it.



I’m on a similar journey with my second hand Ibanez, but I’m far from making it sound great :frowning:


That’s really cool man, guitar looks beaut


Not that I’m any kind of expert but I suggest you buy the right tools- at least a fret crowning file. I tried with flat files but without years of experience its fucking tricky- once I bought the crowning file it took about an hour!

FYI- I made my levelling beam by glueing wet and dry paper to a long spirit level- works really well. Just make sure you get the neck straight before working on the frets- I found that out the hard way and ended up taking off far more metal than I needed to.

Which Ibanez btw? I’ve got and Ibanez bass- it’s a great workhorse- so versatile.


It’s an SR 500, and it was in pretty bad shape when I picked it up last year.


Nice bass. You obviously know what you’re doing. I’ll risk butchering a £60 piece of shit but would be worried about going to town on anything £400+!

This is my current project btw- this one was only £30 but the neck is fucking amazing-

Fine from the front, but the neck plate is wonky on the back (I dowelled and re-drilled the neck holes- maybe too adventurous!!) I’m pretty proud of the belly cut though- all done by hand- took fucking ages! I don’t love it …yet.
tele tele2

Would love to see some pictures of how yours progresses


It didn’t cost that much because of the disrepair it was in. Thankfully it didn’t require a body rebuild, just needed to be stripped down and repainted, and all the electronics had to be replaced (which was a nightmare).

I only restrung it last week, and now I’m thinking the bridge and pickups might need replacing because of how it feels and sounds.


I’ve never tackled active pickups- soldering isn’t my strong point! What’s wrong with the sound btw?

It looks like a nice bass. I’ve got a GSR200 but only use it for studio work- it’s decent enough for what I need- it gets that modern sound and great for slap. I do have a sexy purple J bass though. Thinking about it, I do love that- just don’t use it much. Will post a picture at some point.

Good luck- looks like it’ll be worth it.