Thierry Henry

Too good

Henry almost got done for that elbow when Beckham did a far worse elbow on Bowyer that same weekend.

Hate the 02/03 season

Nice vid. I didn’t get to see a lot of him when he was here but watching these old vids of him playing is a real throwback to when men were men and hard work was appreciated.

Certainly not a player that was big on style but if you were planning on spending a weekend builidng a new deck or slapping a few coats of paint on the house, he’s the first guy you’d be calling to lend a hand.

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From what I remember, T. Henry epitomises style in the way he plays. One of very few I’d call The Complete Footballer.

I wonder whether his career would’ve ended up very different if he was a young player in today’s age earning £300k/week, buying Lambos every week and partying like Jack Grealish :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

He woulda been on a fortune back then though, one of the clubs top earners on £100k+, so don’t think motivation would be an issue 20 years down the line. Doesn’t/didn’t seem that type of character, just wanted to keep getting better and have team success.

Definitely helped that he had the likes of Adams, Parlour, Keown etc installing that type of thing throughout the squad back then. Helped the foreign guys coming in no doubt and created a toughness as a unit. Henry mentally slotted right in.


I refuse to believe either of them have a partner, or are currently married like Kate is. :rofl:

That’s a lot of texting…goddamn

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The link is not found…but is that a blessing in disguise?

Kate and Thierry covering their tracks. :rofl:

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What a man. Some great clips in here (the thread is brilliant too)


Great picture