Theo Walcott


He started and scored the 1st goal, he basically settled the nerve and gave us the advantage in the game


£20m is a bargain. Should probably have got more for him.

That World Class hat-trick he is nailed on to score at the Emirates next month will be worth £20m alone



Such a boring joke :xhaka:


Good thing is you won’t be watching anyway.


He’s worth a go in FPL


Watched him score for my club over a hundred times and so it’s hard to not be a bit sentimental. But as Luca said, he was loyal for decade but just couldn’t stay at our level in the end. Best of luck, thanks for the memories.


He’ll be out injured before then :grinning:


Yeah that was some very poor wording given how poor that Aston Villa side was.


They were still good enough to make the final. Walcott made the difference in the game with the opening goal




Cazorla and Sanchez were fantastic in that Cup Final. If we’re giving credit to only one player, i’d be much more inclinded to go with one of those two.


Loyal? Didn’t he want to play striker and demand £100k per week?


Since he signed that contract he has played just over fifty games and earned about 6m a season.
Which works out at around a quarter of a million a game.

I think most people would be loyal for that amount of money.
He was greedy when he was stalling on his last contract deal and he was waiting to see if any other club would match it.
He is also a bottler and mentally weak.

I’m sure he is a very nice person, but as far as loyalty goes he is another that didn’t want to get off the Arsenal gravy train.


Yes he scored and credit to him for doing so, that’s always going to be a big deal in a cup final. The other day someone said he hadn’t done anything useful in like 5 years (or words to that effect) and I was going to point out his cup final goal as a pretty useful thing, before I realised I couldn’t be arsed. But to say he won us the cup is just bullshit.

You’ve got this weird habit of using frankly bizarre wording that turns what could have been a reasonable point into very objectionable nonsense. Like that time when you said Arsenal were a small club instead of just saying Wenger made us a bigger club, which is what you settled on about 40 posts later.


Glad I didn’t have to drive him there in the end. A bit out of my way Liverpool.


I’ve just remembered, Walcott is a LIverpool supporter.
I wonder what the Everton supporters will think of that.






Well he asked for those things and we gave them to him. What’s the problem? Normal part of negotiating.


Well it’s a Walcott thread so I’ll point out how he won us the cup as his goal was important, but other players that day like Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla, Bellerin, Per were also great that day and won us the cup too. I’m not saying it was Walcott who carried us to win it but he was important