Theo Walcott


All the best, Theo


Rooney, Lennon, Theo the golden generation rides again.


Hands down



in comparison to the Emirates, Everton looks really bad. Can’t they even afford a coat of paint? Looks really really drab and a state.


I wish him well, but fuck yeah!


Yeah definitely his run to set up Ade. We should have been in that CL semi that year.

Anyways bye Theo all the best


Looks even more like Mahrez now :smile:



Yay. Goodbye Theo.

Now that this is done, I am kinda feeling sad.
Theo was such a long part of me watching Arsenal that his departure is feeling weird.

But still yay.


He was frozen out of the team so I’m not really sad to see him go. Hope he smashes it there and scores a lot of goals. He might be a good shout for FPL. Probably cheap and i think he’ll score and assist some.


The one where he joined Everton



Loyal player, but not at our level. Good luck at Everton.


He’ll do fine at Everton. That was always probably his level and I don’t really think he did anywhere near enough to warrant nearly 12 years at Arsenal. I mean 65 goals in 12 years is an average of about 5 or 6 a season. He only ever really seemed to kick into gear when contract talks were on the table. I’m sure most here remember him flirting with the idea of Chelsea before we slapped him on a contract he didn’t deserve.

Thanks for the service. But definitely won’t miss him.


Looks good in blue. Hope he does well!!


He scored 108 in 400 games which is solid numbers since he was a wide player and not always starting, injury prone etc. He won us FA Cup in 2015 too. He looks good in blue. I hope he proves a few wrong and brings them up the table


You aren’t joining the Everton forums now as well?:speak_no_evil::theo:


What is Arsenal level??
I think he is more useful than Iwobi.


He won an FA Cup with us in 2015.

That must be what you meant.


Aside from the return of Roo, Walcott must be their biggest profile signing in years. It does illustrate the difference between the two clubs

I’d be pretty excited about signing him as an Evertonian, but he’s not a top 6 breaker-inner is he