Theo Walcott


He’s being vilified a little too much but unfortunately for him it is fair to connect him symbolically with Wenger’s 2nd half reign at the club. There’s things I’ll fondly remember like the stretcher moment and then the polar opposite of that (“they wanted it more” at Palace) but overall he was just a Wengerboy that ultimately fell out of favour years too late. Should receive a favorable reception ‘pon his return



Good stat, that.


One of my favourite goals. Never seen such a finish anywhere else.
He was a good finisher thats for sure.


For me it was that run against Bolton that lead to Adebayor’s goal.
He had just come back from scoring a hattrick for England securing the qualification, and then gave a man of match performance against Bolton which included that brilliant & clever run.

I really thought at the time this was the beginning of something great.



It’s all very well saying: “Theo Walcott has been involved in 108 Premier League goals for Arsenal (65 goals, 43 assists) - the fifth most for the club in the competition.”

But he was our longest serving player and one of the highest paid.

You could also say that he earned around 5m a season, so over the eleven seasons he was here, each of the assists or goals he was involved in, cost the club half a million each.

I don’t mind Walcott, and it’s not his fault Wenger persisted with him for far too long but for OptaJoe, whoever he is, to try and make his statistics look as if his career with us has been some sort of success story, and then to go on to compare him to some of our greatest players, is ridiculous.


OptaJoe is a LOT of people. Bloody hard job.


OptaJoe is a stats company, official stats provider of the EPL. :laughing:


Henry 249 Goals/ assists in 8 seasons in the EPL, what a God.


He is and will be a good instinctive finisher, putting away chances before the keeper can react, but give him time and he’ll almost always fuck up. Footballing brain and all that…


He was quite decent last season, he was central to that great start to the season we had playing that free flowing football, also 108 goals for the club and a few trophies. Not bad at all


Done it quite a few times yesterday haha couldn’t be bothered doing it again :joy:


A tad late there Ornstein


Favorite Theo moments?

  1. His run at Anfield to set up Adebayor which should’ve been worth a CL semi berth if the fix weren’t on
  2. Goals against Tottenham in 5-2
  3. Leveller late on against Liverpool–that was peak Walcott, shame injuries didn’t let that form continue


Other than today? :slight_smile:


as always. take credit for news already declared by entire world.



Damn, right in the feels. Bye Theo, all the best :disappointed_relieved: