Theo Walcott


Was pretty surprising that he wasn’t sold the summer before he scored his 19 goals last term. This thing about him doing nothing in his ten years here is stupid. He had runs and he had the finishing. What he never had was an all-round game which could survive us losing our control on football matches. Prior to that he clearly was a dangerous receiver. All the best to him.


Didn’t mind Theo in the 11-12 & 12-13 seasons, but for the most part he was limited, injury prone & frustrating. Best of luck at Everton.


I hope he nets a bag full of goals for the Toffees . Has potential or did have potential until Wenger injured and trained it out of him . Big Sam will get the best out of Theo
Good luck Theo .


Big Sam… getting the best out of a player like Theo. I think he could be useful to a lot of teams but I fear for him under Fat Sam.


I don’t quite see Sam getting the job past the 18 month deal so if he suffers under him he’ll get another shot.


I can see him doing good at Everton. Above all I’m sure he will appreciate the change and up his game because of it.


Great signing for Everton tbh. He will walk into their shit fest of a team.

He’s not fullfilled the potential we thought, but that’s probably because we over estimated his ceiling. Don’t think any other club would gave made him any better. He joined us at a time where we had quite a good few players to learn from. He got to play alongside RVP for years who got the best out of him at one point.

He’s consistently scored goals, but not reached numbers we wanted. Fair play to him though, always kept a good attitude (maybe too nice at times, a fired up Walcott could be a good Walcott). His form just tended to yo-yo too much, and during his later years any fire he had left had extinguished. He looked larthargic and was unable to fucking control the ball at times.

You cant blame him too much for sticking around, the club offered him the contracts and the manager has ridiculous loyalty to players he should be moving on sooner. Theo needs a new challenge and good luck to him. I reckon he will be an instant hit at Everton.


Walcott has been here since 2006 and in that time a catalogue of players have come and gone and many of them fulfilled their potential here under the tutelage of Wenger and his team. Theo not fulfilling his potential has nothing to do with Wenger.


He will have the same impact as the other north London failure there Lennon. Cut from the same cloth the 2 of them. Pace and no brains. Found their rightful low level now.


Of course it’s got everything to do with Wenger ,
Who played Theo out of position and didn’t capitalise on Theo’s pace ? Wenger stuck with far more inferior players in the starting eleven.



As for not capitalizing on his pace, Theo himself is a culprit of that.


Slowly getting out that deadwood from circa 2011. 6 years on and only about 4 pieces left.


in Theo’s credit; his knee injury practically ruined him and his agility and pace.


Yep and there’s little else left for him to offer after that.


Should be announced today.


You disappoint me Calum, where’s the whooping and multiple emojis?!


On Sky now as well. Thanks for everything Theo, very loyal and never complained. But you should have left a while ago.

This goal popped up on my timeline today, love the composed finish


Bye bye. I thought you were going to be great after that Anfield display in 2008.


Ask Wenger for the answer.


I don’t get this ‘playing him out of position’ malarkey. He was played as a winger, which is his natural position.

He certainly wasn’t a striker.