Theo Walcott



I really really wanted him to succeed back in 2006-10 but that ‘sign da ting’ non-sense really got into my nerves because he never showed the quality to hold us to ransom like that.
Gave a slight hope post FA cup win that he may do some good at CF spot.
But then didn’t stop to stunk the place.

Never was a proper footballer but can be used to maximise his pace to an advantage; however if that is only way to use him then there needs to be a different approach in place than paying him 140k or some.

Thank goodness he is gone.


Not true he Özil and Sanchez were an amazing partnership, that was the trio we had when we blitzed unites with 3 goals in the first 20 minutes. His form dipped because he got injured on some shit muddy pitch in a league cup match if memory serves me correctly.

Theo has always been a good to above average attacking player that scored a ton of goals for us when he actually got on the pitch. A main problem for Theo imo was that his career was too stop start. He’d have a great run, get injured, and come back rusty and out of form. It’s understandable too, take a look at how bad Aaron Ramsey usually as after returning from injury.


Just goes to show how low his stock is… 20 million in today’s inflated market. How much more is that than what we got for Le Coq?


You guys don’t understand how much his goals hid the damage his inactivity used to do to our team on a whole.
Apart from running behind defenders, Theo’s contribution was completely zero to the team, making our play extremely loopsided & predictable.
With a better ball playing footballer, we can switch plays & execute different variations of moves to grab a goal.

Ofcourse there is a utility for player who primarily act as a runner to creative players but that player also needs to be able to do more than just that. Look at Pedro for example.




This game & the one at Old Trafford should have been enough for his departure that summer.


What bollocks. Last time we were actually doing relatively well as a team and playing acceptable football was when Wenger was playing Iwobi-Alexis-Theo frontline, before Wenger inexplicably decided to start playing Giroud again. You and a number of others have a clear agenda.



Walcott has finally fucked off :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses::beers:

Been waiting for this moment for years :grin::grin:


Not everyone who disagrees with you has an agenda. He has had some very brief spells of usefulness but much of what the critics say is not wrong. Not one person here bar A4T thinks we should keep him and Everton just purchased him.

Even AW doesn’t rate him. Welbeck and Iwobi get into side before him. He just isn’t that good over a 10+ year career.

I fully admit I am biased against him for some reasons that are arguably unfair but preponderance of evidence is years past judgment day on Theo.



With this ends the British core madness


Well done Wenger , ruined another talented player ruined. Nothing like selling your fast paced players when you need to claw back points .
Gotta love Wenger - Fucking Prick


No, but some people certainly have an agenda on Walcott.

Not sure how much that means. He certainly should’ve been in the side before Welbeck.

On the rest I don’t disagree but the amount of hate Walcott gets is hugely disproportionate to what was his usefulness for us.


Yes they do. I have your back @AbouCuellar


Yeah with Micky and Auba bring on the “where the fuck is that?” core.


This should make you all happy.


Lol. You are clearly high on the potential good news - just keep in mind no signings confirmed yet. :kos2:


Alright Mr Rain On My Parade.

Who invited you to the party?


I am just a beat-down Fever Pitch-type fan these days. Fandom is mostly misery.