Theo Walcott


Oh come on people. I’ve been guilty of it too, but we shouldn’t really hate on him too much. He may not be at the level we want/expect of our players, but Theo is a pretty sound guy. Always professional. Never complained. Loyal.

I want him gone as much as the next guy, but I’d still like him to have a decent send-off.


You say it as if we are going to burn his effigies or something.


We’re not?


I didn’t get any invite as usual :angry:



Good luck Theo.

With the medical I mean. :crossed_fingers: :wink:


is he watching the same player we have been watching? Doesnt seem to be the same player.


He’s right though. Theo has never had a bad word to say about Arsenal, never made a fuss, he’s been a model pro – and no doubt he’ll do a lovely goodbye letter where he praises all the fans, most of whom have treated him with contempt. And he’ll continue to praise Arsenal long into the future.

I don’t love Theo, but I respect him and hope he does well. Maybe that’s just the romantic in me.


Where were you when conned a £100k+ contract out of the club after deluding himself he was Henry’s heir?


It’s not his fault that he isn’t Thierry Henry. Our club over-pay all their players. What would you do? “Nah, can I have a pay cut please? I’m not as good as one of the greatest players to ever play the game of football”.


In fairness, I don’t blame Theo in the slightest. He’s a rarity in football really- personable, eloquent, intelligent and fairly timid- these qualities don’t often make for a ruthless player. The whole sign da ting episodes were irritating because he showed glimpses of what he’s capable of though in reality I think that was just him hitting a purple patch as all players do.

He’s just emblematic of recent Arsenal.

I genuinely do wish him all the best.


Never convinced he had the requisite fire or guts to be a top pro. Agree he seems a nice enough lad and you can’t really blame him for the club overpaying or keeping him too long.


The only time he was anywhere near to being a great player was just before his contract negotiations were coming up.

It’s not like any CL clubs are queueing up to buy him.


Thats not the point. Theo routinely only started putting performances and scoring when the end of his contract was coming up


Finally. Never really stepped up. Everton are his level :wink:


Fuck it, he’s gone.




aaawwww i feel all sad now, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont go Theo :henry2:


@Bl1nk: If this transfer gets jinxed because of you I swear :theo:


I’m going to miss saying ‘unlucky Theo.’ :cry: