Theo Walcott


Best part is the #14 becomes free again and someone good can get it!


So Walcott and Coquelin pay for half of Aubameyang straight off the bat :+1:


I’m convinced that’s the reason Wenger and Henry fell out. Having to watch Theo piss around in that legendary shirt must have got Thierry fuming!


Yay yay


Remember the net spend must be balanced out.
It’s the Arsenal way.


Are you crying about us selling Theo and Coquelin now? -_-


Although all this transfer action should have been done ages ago.
This window is typical Wenger.
Reactive rather than proactive.


Hope he does well at Everton. BYE BYE!


This might the first ever Arsenal player to make me cheer when they got sold.




Oh surely Santos and Gervinho would have been up there. Chamakh? Squillaci? Silvestre? Almunia?

Come on now!!


I didn’t cheer for Ox. I might have done had he been here until he was 28, nicking a living.


Nah that’s just when you decided that life might actually be worth living, but it would have taken me a couple more months before I could cheer.


Nope, none of those made me cheer. I was certainly happy they were gone, but I never celebrated.

We should have sold Theo years ago, so the thought of him finally going is a blessed relief.




I thought he was gonna be here till end of his contract so I am genuinely beaming atm.


Theo’s medical taking longer, sensible by EFC :joy_cat:


Also it lessens any doubts about us slipping to Everton’s level at least. We’re selling him as a backup so he can go there as a 1st choice starter


We were never going to slip to Everton’s level tbh.


He certainly won’t get a big send off from most supporters, although Denilson was worse than Walcott.
The only Brazilian football that played without any flair.

I wonder what Everton supporters think of this transfer.