Theo Walcott


Prior to his major injury it wasn’t anywhere near as bad but I think it’s the insipid, anonymous and damn right cowardly performances he’s put in on a consistent basis since then that has caused the fans to turn on him so much, some of it is deserved and some of it isn’t but one thing that’s for sure is that it’s past time he moved on.

I think some minimise the contributions he’s made over the years and he’s scored a lot of goals and in big games too ,however, ultimately it’s a case of talent unfulfilled which is a shame since back then he truly did look something potentially special.


I think it’s beacuse he has been at the same level for 10 years and that level is below Arsenal’s expected standards. He is the collective summary of our club.

It’s more a frustration with Wenger and the general development of the club that gets projected to the player.


Wenger and Walcott are the same thing

Two people who have vastly overstayed their welcome and are just taking the easy money here.

When both are gone. We are reborn


Also, there is a difference between not reaching your potential and stagnating completely. He hasn’t really shown any signs of improvement. At 28, Theo is the oldest promising teenager in the world.


I also think with Walcott more than any other player at our club is that he has had a lot of trust placed in him and he is the first to gob off in the media about how we should be doing this or doing that or how mighty we are yadda yadda but then the next day does a disappearing act then is starting the wenger soundbites. I hate that about him the most, always sounding off in the media about stuff then is given the captaincy which further embarasses us (walcott a captain what a fucking joke) only to play like an absolute twat when he has the highest honour as a player. Then he proceeds to yet again in the media start saying we were not good enough as a team etc when he was the biggest limp dick out there!


We shouldn’t be selling Walcott for any less than Sturridge.


good luck, no one is gonna buy him for 30m no fucking way!

EDIT: If someone does then i really think things are beyond fucked in football.


We shouldn’t be selling Walcott for any less than Sturridge paid for his football boots.

Fixed that for you…




Sell him at knock down price ffs


Selling off Chamberlain, Coquelin and Walcott within a year.

Wouldn’t have believed it back then.



TW not agitating

Of course he’s not :joy:


The only time he’s looked good since the ACL in 13/14 is when Cazorla and Ozil are both balling together behind him. He’ll stink at Everton.



Haha that bit made me laugh as welll


This is right.
The only problem is we are also going to lose our two best players for almost a fraction of what we could have had at the start of the season.


Sell, sell and sell!



He’ll have more space to run into though at a mid table team


How he has been our longest serving player and one of the highest paid is one of football’s biggest mysteries.
Everton is about his level and he should have been at a club like that several seasons ago.
I don’t blame him because most players would do the same but persisting with players like Walcott is what has seen us drop out of the CL.