The weather

Cleaner than the real thing

81 percent humidity today. Its like walking about in an oven :disappointed_relieved:

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98 here. Thankful for the bit of rain we’ve had


Fuck sake! :joy:

The UK and Ireland humidity levels are unmatched.

People laugh about our moans until they experience it for themselves :joy:


My brother is in crete right now. Its 35 currently but only 57 percent humidity.

We have the worst of both worlds :joy:

I’m in the process of moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and currently staying in Traverse City, Michigan for a few weeks with my in-laws.

Fantastic weather here, and we’re right on the lake. Much cooler, and less humidity compared to Georgia. It’s so nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy coffee, catch up with Arsenal news, and not get eaten alive by a zillion bugs.

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Does that mean everyone in Scotland will be defrosted by the end of the weekend? :rofl:

Been a burner here, too. All week it’s been 31 to 33 (~73% humidity) and they’re talking 37 by next Tuesday. Forest fire smoke blowing in from Northern Alberta and B.C. becoming a bit nasty now, as well.

Here’s my annual look how hot it is where I am report .

Nice, low humidity too which is a bonus. What does it go down to in Winter where you are?

Although I’m in the mountains zero degrees in the winter and no snow for many years say the locals.
But looking out the window you can see the next mountain range and plenty snow there.

You are very lucky to be where you are then. The UK sucks in so many ways, 12 months of Autumn for example.