The weather thread


Sad prat :expressionless:



Only November and we are already experiencing 6 days consecutively of 32+ degrees in Melbourne.


37 today here, could be a long summer when it finally begins I’d imagine.


Highs of 7 here today. Close :smile:


This autumn has been worryingly mild.

I was wearing shorts and sandals out to walk the dog as recently as early November because it was still sunny and dry and like 15 degrees. Totally absurd.

Global warming is going to fuck us.


So now after these 35+ days, Melbourne now expecting 150MM of rain over the next 72 hours, which is nearly our expectancy over a whole summer normally :rofl:


Global warming is fucked man.


It’s meant to snow here tomorrow. Hopefully not because snow can fuck off to be honest.


The White stuff falling from the sky. :snowman:


It isn’t cocaine.




Some snow in my town today. That’s my backyard.


ffs its like an ice rink outside :tired_face:

Not looking forward to attempting to walk on it…


Do you at least have proper shoes? Not some shitty flat sole yokes? :smile:


Working from home this week. Fuck even trying to deal with the ice and snow. Looking like I’m doing impromptu Michael Jackson impressions slipping and sliding around like a twat.


I’m not looking forward to the ice rink either. I struggle to stay on my feet in normal circumstances :smile:



Look at all you snowflakes.


What a saucy little tart