The weather thread


42°C in my town today. And in some parts of Italy there were around 50° :grimacing:


I read that in Rome they have shut all the public water fountains there and are maybe about to start rationing water supplies


It seemed so, but now the problem is solved.


We had our coldest August day in Melbourne in 47 years yesterday.


38.9° in Vienna. Just 0.6° off the heat record. I wouldn’t mind skipping August entirely.


Wien goes Southern Italy :wenger:


Continental Europe having a full on heat wave and we’re not even getting a summer. The weather has been diabolical recently, gimme a heatwave!


Yeah this is the worst summer ever. I’m not usually one to moan about the weather but it’s been 17/18/19 degrees in Bournemouth for the last 7 days or so and it’s forecast around that for the next 10 days too. This year I’ve worn shorts 3 times.

We’re killing polar bears for this ffs :unamused:


We were talking about in Europe. You are not in Europe anymore :poldi:


The last couple weeks have been much more mixed, but I felt like it was consistently hot for quite a while before that in July, the last couple of weeks of June were really hot. This is England, that constitutes a decent summer in my book.

@Craigie stop bitching and put your shorts on, no true Englishman should have a problem wearing shorts in 19 degrees heat :grin: 19 degrees is roasting lol


For real I swear we’ve already had a good 4/5 week period when it was fucking lovely every day, the heat wave Europe are having now is just the one we had last month I reckon


It has been consistently a heat wave in Europe for the past 2 months as far as I’m concerned, with the occasional 1-2 day chill break of below 25 degrees.


Hopefully it makes it back to us!


We had 10 days of summer in June, and now its 19-21C pretty much everyday. Its forecast to be as low as 16C on Wednesday in London. Shit summer indeed.


Perfect weather all summer in west coast Sweden. 20-30c all July and half of June. Very little rain and much sun! Breezy so it never got nasty hot. Perfect imo :sun_behind_small_cloud::wind_face::sunglasses:


It’s been rather wet recently admittedly, but the temperature has been really nice. Not too cold, not too hot. Just right. Or “Goldielocks” weather, as I’d call it :grin:


Here we go! Heavy thunderstorm going on here in my town now :hipster:


I feel like 19-21 is pretty acceptable British summer. Maybe it’s because I don’t really like heat much at all


Same, my ideal temperature is like 21-25.

When I lived in Malta and Spain it fucking sucked because from April onwards it easily ranges between 30-40+ and that is fucking horrific.

Roll on 23 degrees with a light breeze, all day erryday.


Im the same, well when here anyway.

But it would be nice to have more than 10 or so days of it spanned over 3 months lol