The weather thread


16 degrees on a near winters evening in Melbourne


Clear skies now…getting hotter… Betty swollox time


down here the storm was like 3-4 am, left the window open because of the heat last night, like being woken up by a cunt with cymbals on the end of your bed 3 times.


How hot has it been ?


36 just sounds stupid hot


Spot on, I’ve got one of those ambient sound apps for when I go to sleep :ok_hand:


Getting hotter and hotter here in Italy these days.


We have had 30 + overnight temps in Aus, harden up princesses


Clouding up again as the song goes 4 seasons in one day just need snow.
Its muggy as a chav…


I can’t function much above 25 degrees Celsius :grimacing: At which point i employ the nearest available person to fan me :laughing:




At least we’re getting a proper Summer for a change :gunnersaurus:


A bit of rain sounds really good right now…

Fuck this heat.


Waiting for the weather to get cooler like


18 degrees celsius here, pretty much all year around :grin:


Christ! So fucking hot these days in Italy. I am sweating like a pig :grimacing:


These days? Is Italy not always hot!? :wink:


Nah global warming innit


Spring/Autumn ftw.


It has been very hot in the last years compared with some years ago.